Melancholic Sensitive

Libra has a hidden side to her nature. It is the reverse of the often gorgeous garment she displays to the outside, a sort of gray melancholy and morbid sensitivity. The Libra Woman from time to time tends to be passive, depressed, and slightly paranoid. She may fantasize that people are only pretending to like her and believe that no one knows the "real" her. She may be caught up in the feeling that her life is all sham, window dressing with little permanent substance. In essence, she may feel quite sorry for herself.

Fortunately, this is normally nothing more than a passing phase. She can snap out of it when she receives a gift, a bouquet of lovely flowers, or any little token of affection. A word of warning to Libra: you can put so much energy into building an image and creating an association or an environment that you leave too little for self-nourishment. If you get depressed often, you should consider consulting a professional. Style is not a substitute for true self-esteem.

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