The Capricorn Woman fights a running battle with herself over her attraction to wealth and its glamorous trappings. She craves money and prestige; she may also be a puritan and feel guilty about wanting or having it. She periodically dreams of sable coats, yachts, jewels, and country homes. She wants to wrap material security around her, as if to protect herself from the cold winter day of her birth. In fact, the warmth she needs is the sunshine of self-acceptance and love.

The danger of Capricorn's materialistic tendencies is that she may invest herself in the quest for gold and glitter at the expense of her total development. She may become a female Babbitt. She may take security as the only reality. For example, she may give up a promising career as a young artist or dramatist for a career based solely on material gain. She is also capable of marrying for money alone and being sorry later.

The world, and life too, is a process in change and flux. The Capricorn Woman may still hold the old-fashioned view that the universe and life in it are strictly physical fixed entities. Remember, Capricorn, Einstein came up with a new world view. You must strive to embrace the relativistic concept of life, of your own fluid self. Do not be so involved in doing or having that you forget to be.

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