Though she will sometimes let loose, direct tactics make her uncomfortable. She tends to defuse charged situations before her real feelings come out. She frequently uses her fine sense of humor to avoid emotional scenes or confrontations. Good at punch lines, she will often deliver one just in time to keep a friend from boiling over with rage. She is able to keep a sexual upper hand, too, through a cool tone of voice and a "don't bother me with your troubles" demeanor.

She typically uses "feminine wiles" to get what she wants. The women's movement may have changed this some, but she still does not consider it in bad taste to compete with other women, even if it is for a man.

She tends to be obliging, adaptive, self-righteous, and lazy. She can manipulate people to do all that needs to be done so that she herself is left with only the most necessary tasks.

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    What astroy signs is Manipulative?
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