Lusty Passionate Day Self Night Self

The Scorpio Woman is a lot like Molly in Fielding's novel Tom Jones, on which the film of the same name was based. She loves sex and abandons herself to all its delights. Her senses are highly developed, and she "feels" through all of them. She may roll in the hay as Molly does; she appreciates the sensuality of eating and can make a meal a ritual of seduction.

She hungers for touch and for a man's body. She delights in his shape, textures, and potency. She sniffs, traces, strokes, nibbles. When she loves, she loves with fierce loyalty. When she lusts, she longs for the meshing and thrashing of bodies from the depth of her being. This is her diurnal, or day, self.

Scorpio also has a nocturnal self. It is just as hungry and strong as her day self, but it lurks, waiting for an opening. It is her compulsive, inhibited, domineering, sometimes maniacally possessive or secretly sadistic side. Mata Hari, for example, was a nocturnal creature. She lusted only for power. She hid her true goal and used sex to get to it. This side of Scorpio is destructive and can end up destroying her.

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