Lucky Extravagant Giving

Optimism comes naturally to the Sagittarius Woman; she's downright lucky! Money is rarely, if ever, a problem for her, and the bottomless coffer is filled from many sources—work, friendship, or "fate." She always seems to be in the right place at the right time. She will move to a new city and find the ideal job within a week; her new lover will inherit a small fortune; someone will hand her a lottery ticket that turns to gold. If she is temporarily at sea, with no prospects, her sparkling personality and magnetism will bring her an invitation to summer in a villa in the south of Spain.

When in her (frequent) states of independent comfort, she spends extravagandy. She loves fine clothes, music, and especially wonderful food and wine. She never hesitates to exercise her taste for the finer things in life; she somehow feels certain there will always be "more where that came from."

The Sagittarius Woman's generosity to her friends is in much the same spirit. She is an enthusiastic giver of gifts large and small, and she never thinks twice about a loan. Above all, she loves to share the good times with lavish parties. She is as generous with her friends as with her possessions, and you may meet Polish counts, French ski champions, and Eastern mystics at her table or punch bowl.

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