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The Pisces Woman's unhealthiest tendency is to disbelieve herself and to escape into apathy and confusion. Like everyone else, she faces an important question—how to attain self-esteem. Specifically, Pisces must define what she needs to do in order to strengthen the positive aspects of her nature and understand what gives her life meaning.

She should keep in mind that she is a worthy, acceptable human being as she is. Though we all long to be thinner or taller, prettier or sturdier, we forget that no matter how blemished we feel, we are each still unique and lovable. Pisces ought to remind herself constandy, in every way, of her positive assets.

The controlled demeanor of the Pisces Woman is punctuated by passionate crusades and disguises a deep fear of rejection. Sometimes she seems submissive, wispy, or indecisive, while at other times she appears strong and ready for battle. She needs to learn to speak up and say what she thinks and feels. She can learn to acknowledge her supersensitive nature and share her excellent insights. She will earn others' understanding and respect—and gain more self-respect.

The Pisces Woman can learn to love herself more by banding together with kindred spirits. She can build a communication group for the improvement of the human condition. This is a good way for her to be creative, responsible, other-directed. She will also receive positive feedback about her own unique contributions.

The Piscean is a procrastinator. She needs to select people who will propel her to action while treating her sensitively. She must learn how to recognize these types in order to reach her goals.

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