Low Selfesteem Hard Worker

Virgo is usually such a hardworking, intelligent person that she is worth her weight in gold. She stands as a beacon of trustworthy industry in a society that has lately been questioning the value of hard work, evidently in reaction to the ultra-puritanical work ethic of our ancestors.

She tends to work hard and play little. As a result, she may go through periods when she feels left out and prematurely aged. She may rebel at long last and perhaps experience a selfish Aries or Leo phase or a playful Sagittarius phase. She needs the buoyancy of the fire types and their inherent leaning toward self-confidence.

The Virgo Woman seems to have been born with the shakiest self-esteem of all. She seems destined for a life of labor, for years of doing more than her share and being appreciated less. She husbands her resources carefully, is adaptive, and at all costs wishes to avoid dependence in old age. She tends to overprepare. She has to work very hard to allow her need for pleasure and love to unfold into fulfillment.

She often lives as if she had to squeeze everything she wants to experience and prove (to whom, I don't know) into the first half of her life. She seems to have a fear of time running out. In fact, it may be that she trusts nobody and nothing to provide the flow of necessary resources, least of all herself.

One symptom of low self-esteem is self-denial. The Virgo Woman many times over-extends herself and then refuses to accept her due; seldom does she take as much as she gives. She typically is more active than receptive, more the upholder of duty than the recipient of pleasure.

She may be the mother who registers her children in the best schools, takes them herself, and shops in the bargain basement for her cocktail dresses. She seems to trust her intellect and logic far more than her emotions, perhaps in the belief that life is apt to disappoint her. Setting up negative thought patterns, she colors her life in grays when it could be, instead, a brilliant Combination of the colors of the rainbow.

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