Every action of the Cosmic Woman is an act of love. She is constantly high on life. The Cosmic Woman has discovered the difference between falling in love and being loving. When we fall in love, there is the threat of losing our own inner being, of sacrificing everything on the altar of the beloved. When we are loving, our inner core is preserved, and we are capable of giving ourselves yet returning to that center for refreshment and nurturing.

Love, for the Cosmic Woman, does not provide a path to security, power, or fame. It is an expression of a joy-filled life. She feels deeply that when she is loving, she is participating in nature as it was meant to be.

Being loving does not mean she is weak. She must be very strong to direct her energy into those areas she feels will produce the highest good. She must stand up to those who see her loving nature as weakness, who become parasitic or misuse it. She must constandy strive to bring others to the same state so that there can be a mutual exchange of loving energies.

Plato recognized the awesome power of love. The Cosmic Woman has learned how to harness that power and use it. She directs it to her relationships, to her sex life, and to the rejuvenation and actualization of her self. Hers is not a romantic love revolving around two people in a closed system; she is open to a much broader experience. She does not preclude romantic love, but she recognizes that the special circumstances that produce it are rare indeed.

Her home and her office reflect this kind of loving and regard for her life—a Chinese landscape, misty and lovely; a piece of stained glass in a window reflecting the sun's rays; a profusion of plants that give life and beauty—every touch is the touch of someone who cares. She makes no apologies for her concern, takes but little thought in expressing her love or calculating the results of her action. She loves because it is her nature to do so.

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