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Scorpio can get her hooks into people by her magnetism, that "certain something" she exudes, her strength, depth, and persistence. People often feel that she can impart secrets worth knowing.

Until she rises above her initial tendencies to be possessive, manipulative, and se cretive, she may fall into the trap of conducting relationships as if she were trying to win a battle. But even Napoleon met his Waterloo, and the Scorpio Woman is no exception. Long-term intimate relationships do not lend themselves to warring strategy-

She usually has few friends, and of these, most are bound to be men. She lacks the empathy and easygoing qualities other women seem to want in female friends. What she herself fails to realize is that she could control a lot more territory if she cultivated female friendships.

The Scorpio Woman is bound to experience many intense friendships, mostly with men, and several stormy romantic breakups. She may also have, or narrowly avoid, an emotional breakdown. Mountains and valleys are the terrain of her romantic wanderings. She burns a lot of bridges behind her, sometimes needlessly.

Ruth was in therapy with me. She repeatedly warned me (really herself) that she expected a "blowup" between us at any time. She was then in a Scorpio phase, tying up loose threads, going through a divorce, and recovering from a hysterectomy. Our therapeutic relationship never blew up. What this taught her experientially is that she could not only get along with another woman (a rare experience for Ruth), but that she also need not cut herself off from old contacts when entering a new phase.

All too often, the Scorpio Woman appears haughty, jealous, and demanding when in fact she is covering up insecurity. She suffers from deep feelings of mistrust and isolation. She may lead on a man by her mysterious calm. She may test him mercilessly with sudden twists and turns of behavior. She almost never discloses her expectations of him, and he may be trapped into failing match them. But if he knows nothing of what she wants, how can he measure up?

The Scorpio Woman often acts like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. She holds back, watches for transgressions, and without explanation shouts, "Off with his head!" No wonder people are bewildered by her.

She is constantly testing the limits of the loyalty of friends and lovers. She may also alienate many people in the process, though deep down she may continue to need their support. I have often wondered if what drives her to test and to cut ties so drastically is her deep fear of losing in relationships. As long as she still considers them a battle of loyalties, or of the sexes, she will continue to try to win at any cost.

Scorpio, I advise you to take a close look at (1) your expectations of people; and (2) what you give in return for what you expect. Also, moderation is a key word. I suggest you tack it on your mirror, kitchen cabinets, or windshield until the meaning penetrates.

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