Lovers and Husbands

Since the Libra Woman is best paired with someone more attentive and indulgent than the norm, she sometimes forms love relationships with older men. Her man must want to cater to her and accept her needs for admiration and affection. He must not allow himself to become jealous when she excites other men through her exhibitionism. Who else but Lady Libra would wear a see-through blouse to the Christmas party at her man's office?

Her man must be tolerant and understanding. He should encourage her to break out of the rigid molds of her three poses. He must recognize, and help her to perceive, the reasons she assumes her roles. He can best help her and their relationship by encouraging her to be more spontaneous, honest, trusting, and open.

The Libra Woman is attracted to men who offer good conversation—sophisticated, intelligent men with taste. She enjoys impressive and informative discussions. She and her man are likely to engage in passionate verbal foreplay, discussing topics as diverse as the glories of Rome and fettucine, fashion and photography, styles in housing and erotic baths, the religious wars, and the breakdown of the legal system.

Libra's male must also offer her financial security. Money is important to her, for she correctly recognizes its necessity in the creation of a pleasant, safe lifestyle and ambience. Poverty simply is not her bag.

The first two years in the Libra's love relationship are crucial. It is during this period that she learns the greatest life lessons or loses interest in the opposite sex.

The Libra Woman has a dual nature. She is capable of loving and being sexually involved with both sexes. She can love and hate at the same time. She wants a mate more independent than she, yet when she finds him she resents him for it. She wants him to surround her with luxury and affection, yet she does not want him too close. Her motto is "Everything in balance." But until she herself is balanced, nothing else in her life can be stable.

From time to time, she may feel guilty over failed relationships. She then judges herself harshly, and a depression may follow. To bring her out of it, she needs tender loving care—along with perfume, flowers, and fine music.

In summation, the most frequent trouble spots the Libra Woman encounters in her relationships are as follows:

1. Unreasonably high expectations of another.

2. Inability to accept people as they are.

3. Lack of awareness.

4. Lack of assertiveness in gaining what she needs.

5. Manipulation.

6. Self-denial.

7. Lack of self-esteem—and the expectation of attaining it through a relationship.

Once you decide to be in charge of yourself and of your love life, there are some basics you should follow. For instance, answer the following questions:

1. What are the top priorities in my life?

2. What do I want and need in a mate?

3. What do I want in a close friend?

4. What am I willing to give?

5. What do I want to accomplish within three months in this relationship?

6. What do I want to change about my life in the next three months?

These aren't easy questions, and the answers will also change from time to time as you change, so it's a good idea to keep reassessing. You must not shy away from your real feelings as you answer the questions. You must try to clarify and understand your priorities, and to see them written down in black and white is a helpful confirmation of your aims.

Once she is happily settled with a partner, the Libra Woman is an angel. No woman on earth can be, or can make a man, happier. She is domestic yet comfortable in the outer world, soft and smart, skilled in the art of living and lovemaking. She has style as well as substance. She has an identity and has also mastered the art of sharing.

Her life may revolve around a central relationship, but happily so; or she may be balancing various equally important involvements. In any case, she knows how to extract the best and give the best. She stays young, pretty, and romantic. She enjoys walking hand in hand, throwing parties, and kissing under the mistletoe. She weeps over old films. Fine music turns her on. She likes to dance closely. She takes care of herself and does not mind the laugh lines. She stays cheerful, balanced, and busy and achieves a serenity she never had before.

Her identity, disclosed to the right people in the proper balance, becomes complete. And anyone who shares her life with her at this stage is blessed with a totally giving, receptive woman.


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