Lovers and Husbands

The Sagittarius Woman has all the fire, energy, and idealism she needs to make her mark on the world, but she often lacks the empathy and patience to make long-lasting, productive, or creative connections with others.

She needs a man who has a sense of independence that matches her own. He must also have the ego strength to allow her equal freedom and must be able to withstand occasional tests of his will and faith in her. He should be idealistic, highly intelligent, and creative. If his sexual energy is high, she will settle for versatility or a background exotic enough to hold her fascination.

Her honesty tends to dictate the terms of their relationship; she will not tolerate subterfuge. A man who states plainly what he wants and expects will win her respect, if not her keys. There is a contract implicit in live-in relationships with the Sagittarius Woman. She will want to know exacdy what strings are attached before she invests in matching towels.

It is through their shared sexual adventures that she and her mate will come to a deep understanding of each other's souls. With the Sagittarius Woman, rifts are more quickly mended in bed than in therapy or discussion. The more she balances the principles of yin and yang in the expression of love, the easier it will be for her to relate to everyone around her.

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Yin Yang Balance

Yin Yang Balance

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