Lovers and Husbands

The Leo Woman above all needs a man who can flow with her desire to be center stage and does not sabotage her attempts to express her creative energies. She needs a man who recognizes the natural actress in her and appreciates her. But he must also be able to help her separate the act from the person, for from time to time she almost becomes the character she is playing.

She needs a man who understands his own expectations from the relationship so he can guide her to become aware of hers. Her man should be discerning. He need not be an extrovert; she will make up for that. He need not be too sociable, for she will probably prefer to carry that ball too. But if he is a wallflower, she may start to curb her own needs to shine and later blame him for restricting her.

Since the Leo Woman can be mentally lazy, she is bound to appreciate a man who is intellectually alert and disciplined. She will probably cede the floor when he discourses on Plato or world economics. Her attention is never captured so effectively as when she watches a crowd gather around her man to listen to his pearls of wisdom. She also needs a man who is physically more disciplined than she is. In her youth she may not appreciate how important it is for her to learn self-discipline. Later she may resent it in her man too. She usually realizes its importance only after much experience.

She appreciates a man who is creative in any way he chooses. She has an eye for other people's talent and is not normally so insecure that she must become competitive. From time to time she may get a few digs in, but this is expressive of her need to sit on the throne too for awhile, rather than of her permanent antagonism.

She may think she wants a mate who allows her to be the star, and she is right. However, he must be able to hold his own. She needs to have some tension in her romantic relationship, a yin to her yang.

She may be attracted to a man who is more sensitive than she. She can be quite obtuse and needs to learn to be more thoughtful. Unfortunately, she is not usually a star pupil; the world of small emotions and gestures barely interests her. With perseverance, though, her man can teach her its importance in human relations.

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