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For the Sagittarius Woman sex is a celebration, and she brings to each encounter the anticipation of a feast. She looks for a companion spirit in her sexual partner, a fellow traveler with whom to share the cornucopia. She seeks a kindred spirit, not lifelong commitment, and in a brief encounter "fellow feeling" means more to her than the illusion of love.

Sagittarius is capable of keeping love and sex quite separate, and she is very comfortable with the one-night affair. At breakfast, she will be happy and relaxed, full of humor but clearly ready to walk out the door after a wink and a sincere kiss. Even in her longer affairs, she prizes friendship more highly than love. Sagittarius is a masculine sign, and no matter how womanly the Sagittarian may be, there is a "comradely" quality to her affairs with men. One thinks of Garbo as Ninotchka, and of the poor Polish lancer who underestimated her. When she remains with a man, it is out of admiration and respect for him as an equal. Love is often the last thing to flower in her as the relationship continues.

This masculine quality of thought and action can result in great misunderstanding and confusion for the Sagittarius Woman. She may be pursued by cold or weak-willed men who wish to dominate or be dominated by her. Unlike her Scorpio sister, she is not titillated by power games to any great extent. Though she finds mild forms of subjugation and mastery in sex play intensely pleasureable, the master-slave dynamic utterly contradicts her notion of mutual independence.

She may turn to women for her primary relationships. She may choose a partner more outwardly feminine than she herself is, though role playing is not her style. She will look for a woman who matches her in energy, independence, and sexual appetite.

Above all, she seeks equality in affairs of the heart. She would no more seek a wife in the kitchen than be one herself.

Her sexual response pattern in lovemaking seems to be the following:

1. A glorious sense of freedom or personal expansion, most likely the result of some limbering, "warm-up" sort of exercise, like a nude swim, horseback riding, or yoga.

2. A frank, direct approach that originates either with her or with her lover. She likes clear interest and admiration, a "no-games" approach including blunt talk and four-letter words—but no bathroom humor. This is not a woman who considers sex dirty in any way!

3. Firm, strong, powerful intercourse. The Sagittarius Woman is all there, and her movement is wholehearted, timed to the stroke. She loves strenuous intercourse and will make love all through the night. She wants most of all to be totally spent, and it takes a great deal to tire her.

4. Multiple orgasms through the night. The Sagittarius Woman experiences many peaks of pleasure, and after a blissful orgasm she will rest peacefully for several minutes—and then start all over again.

5. A feeling of peace, warmth, and oneness with the universe. When she's finally satiated and spent, she will lie back, dreamy and distant, and seem to commune with nature, the stars, or her own mysterious inner spaces. It is best to leave her alone in this reverie, and let her come back of her own accord. She will be serene and loving when she does.

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