Love and Sex

Herein lies the problem. The Aquarius Woman has a deeply rooted need for love, for closeness, for what we call intimacy. However, she has developed so many roadblocks that it often eludes her. She is so intellectually astute and independent that she even intellectualizes love. She feels that inhibiting the mind is close to the greatest sin imaginable. Thus, she feels that inhibiting the mind sexually is also wrong. Coupled with her early lessons in monogamy, true love, and happiness (with 2.3 kids), this attitude yields a gigantic conflict. She needs to learn how to ask for and receive affection.

She needs to develop close relationships with one person at a time. She frequently has few one-on-one experiences, probably due to her fear of becoming vulnerable or attached (read "intellectually inhibited"). She also fears rejection by those she becomes close to. She sees vulnerability and romantic inclinations as potential cages that she can't escape from. She needs to recognize that her mind, with the power it has for her, can get her out of any real cage she may find herself in. Romance, closeness, and intimacy are natural and necessary emotions, even for animals.

Her often opinionated attitudes become even more rigid the longer she denies herself true closeness. It's as if she is afraid she won't learn anything from intense one-on-one relationships, that the back door of escape will be forever bolted. She loves her mate and her family, but she will nearly abandon them in search of a new bit of knowledge, a new experience, an opportunity to help those less fortunate than herself. Little does she realize that often her family and her mate become the very "less fortunate" she seeks to help. She has the power and the scope to embrace both her family and the masses; she must learn to balance the attention and love she gives to both.

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