The path of the nonconformist is never easy. Whether or not the Scorpio Woman becomes a public leader, she is often lonely and misunderstood. In some ways, she is way ahead of her times. She is usually out of step with her neighbors, family, and friends. Also, she changes so radically in her life that it is hard for others to keep up with her.

She is a private person, and her own person. In many ways, she feels she does not really need other people. Of course, she is human, but she dwells in the depths, sees into the future, and sometimes lets the present weigh her down.

It may be her pride that keeps her from reaching out to people and asking for sympathy. Or perhaps she feels just plain mean and nasty and prefers keeping her secrets and her devious methodology to herself. She has a great need to feel strong and self-sufficient. She often affects a female macho pose and seems to resent anyone worrying about her. "Who needs it?" she seems to be saying.

Despite her appearance of fearless indomitability, she craves acceptance and un derstanding. Nobody is a more loyal friend once she finds that you accept her funny ways and "odd" streaks. Nobody can be a more faithful ally than she once she believes you have done your best to understand her.

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