Leo Phase Checklist



Note: This checklist describes the traits of one phase only; if it doesn't seem to fit you, check other lists to find the phase you are in right now.

1. Amorous, Fiery

2. Romantic

3. Stylish, Regal

4. Formal

5. Warm

6. Social, Gossipy

7. Polidcal

8. Has High Self-esteem, with a Flaw

9. Creative, Often Gifted

10. Self-promoting

11. Demanding

12. Magnanimous

13. Amateur Therapist

14. Inspiring

15. Good Executive

16. Hates Details, Shirks Routine

17. Big Spender

18. Authoritative

19. Opinionated

20. Brash

21. Proud

22. Complacent

23. Self-indulgent

24. Lax

25. Childlike, Fun

26. Gullible

27. Trusting

28. Vain

29. Anxious

30. Strong

31. Dramatic, Showy Actress

32. Self-conscious

33. Immature

34. Insensitive

35. Needs a Fan Club, a Following

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