Jealousy is the Scorpio Woman's Achilles' heel, her very own double standard. She may have sex with more than one partner, but she will not tolerate the situation in reverse. We don't know if jealousy is a learned or inborn behavior, but it seems to me that in Scorpio's case it may be a double portion of each. Her jealousy is written in large letters, in indelible ink that never seems to rub off.

Often her jealousy lies dormant until some small thing lights the fuse. An explosion can be ignited by a passing remark from the Scorpio Woman's lover about Pamela Lee's chest. If her man watches the waitress cross the restaurant or lingers at the neighbor's, Scorpio may conclude that he is straying. Fireworks may be easier to cope with than sulking, but both may occur with regularity.

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