Intuitive Psychic High Spiritual Strength Dominated by Subconscious

The evolved Piscean believes in mysticism and reincarnation. She expects to survive worldly troubles and soar into more inspired dimensions. She is contradictory in that she accepts pain and tragedy as part of life but feels guilty if she sees other people suffer. She has a strong savior complex and consistently fights for the underdog.

She rationalizes her own suffering and neediness as natural life experiences, but she is often depressed. She believes in life after death and cosmic powers but would like to be reassured. She has insight but seldom trusts it. She lives in spaces others may never penetrate and keeps so much a secret that it is no wonder that communication gaps abound in Piscean households.

She does not thrive on challenge and change, yet she is dominated by the changing undercurrents she allows to carry her along. Introverted, powerfully intuitive, and committed to a mythology of suffering and beauty, of love with pain, the Piscean must learn to build bridges to the outer world. But to build those bridges, Pisces must accept and articulate her vast intuition and imagination. Depression is her greatest enemy. As any lay counselor knows, it is anger turned against oneself.

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