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Pisces is the astrological sign concerned with hidden feelings, negative emotions, self-hurt, and all places of confinement. Pisces deals with restriction. Those who read standard astrological manuals know that Pisces is the sign/type considered especially vulnerable to escapism. Alcohol and drugs are two usual routes.

A Piscean of lower consciousness would rather not be tested and frequently avoids situations in which failure can be measured. She avoids success as well, and spends her life daydreaming, engaged in self-indulgent and self-absorbed activities.

She says little to others because she believes she is protecting herself. She has learned that the cost of being a shy, sensitive person, a poet, an artist, is high. But if not everyone appreciates her, many have the capacity to learn ... if she will let them.

She can avoid escapism by having supportive friends and daily routines. She can establish a suitable balance of self-care and her commitment to groups, relationships, and causes simply by doing what "feels right." The Pisces Woman can afford to follow her hunches.

For the Pisces Woman who chooses to be upwardly mobile, apathy can be corrected by involvement in an outside cause. She can clarify her situation by setting clear, realistic short- and long-term goals. She must then persist in reaching them. The Pisces Woman may choose self-realization or self-denial. Whether she is on her way up or slipping, she sprays life with a rainbow-colored mist. Judy Garland was a Pisces type. Her life is a good example of the Pisces Woman's complexity and polarization. In it we find extremes of achievement and degradation, self-sacrifice and self-indulgence. She was addicted as much to failed relationships as to drugs. Her problems stemmed from miserably low self-esteem.

As befits the Pisces Woman, Judy Garland suffered from feeling misunderstood. Her admirers were always ready to help and defend her. She was loved by many, but she felt like a stranger in a strange land—elusive, distrustful, eager to love and to be loved, and ever close to pain and sorrow. Yet she was able to transmute her pain into art. She was a professional, a magnificent, charming, charismatic figure who brought Emerald City to millions.

Brooding, Low Energy

Never very energetic physically, the Pisces Woman must pay close attention to the negative emotions she harbors. She should understand their effect on her body. She should develop a better filtering system and release mechanism. She needs to permit herself more frequent rests from anxiety.

The holistic health movement is popularizing the concept that health means a balanced interrelationship between mind, body, and spirit. This is true for everyone, but because of her acute sensitivities, the Pisces Woman is extremely affected if any of the three is diseased. Personally and professionally, she can benefit by acquainting herself with the holistic movement. This movement is based on the age-old wisdom that the mind and the body are mutually interdependent and that physical health is an expression of mental health.

As a practical measure, she needs to create environments that promote a sunny, cheerful attitude. Colors, textures, music, flowers—the entire decor should be arranged so as to increase her self-esteem and energy.

Guilt-prone, Self-sacrificing

Joie de vivre represents the direction in which the Piscean needs to expend energy. Pisces feels guilty about many things, but most of all about "selfish" pleasure. She often denies herself the very things she knows would make her happy.

The Pisces Woman especially needs to learn to love herself more. She must learn a healthy selfishness. She must not always put others' needs ahead of her own. She needs to nurture herself. She has absorbed only too well society's admonitions that to give is always better than to receive. To suggest to her that she be more selfish, more assertive and confident, is akin to heresy. Nevertheless, she does have a choice!

The Pisces Woman allows herself to be drained by many professional and personal situations. She needs to protect herself with detachment. She needs some of the qualities of her opposite, Virgo. One's opposite astrological type describes the traits one must develop to become a whole person. These latent tendencies need to emerge from the unconscious, to be seen in the light and allowed to unfold. The Pisces Woman needs Virgo traits of mental detachment, analysis, clear goal-setting, and rational judgment. She needs to engage in tasks that increase her confidence in her ability to perform and deliver.

The optimum attitude is cultivated involvement, or what might also be called detached involvement—a combination of empathy and commitment to doing for others, yet with an awareness of one's own needs. We live in different spaces and should never forget to cultivate our own gardens.

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