Introspective Moody

The Cancer Woman wishes to avoid overt conflict at all cost. Her usual policy is to evade the heat of action. Let Leo roar and Aries ram people head on; Cancer will stand by and watch for the first opening she can slip through without causing waves. She does not like to rock the boat; she would rather row it gendy but surely to its destination.

She is sentimental and introspective. She derives so much pleasure and information from diving into her own unfathomable depths that she simply turns tail and zigzags away when something displeases her. Retreat does not faze her, for she knows she can usually get her own way if she waits long enough.

The moon is her mistress, but she must learn to master the moods that the quarter-moon seems to inflict on her four times a month. Cancer reflects the solar and lunar phases and the changes in the weather. Many a Cancer Woman swells up with the full moon and feels nervous two weeks later at the new moon.

The Cancer Woman's challenge is to channel her psychic sensitivity in the most productive and enjoyable direction. To fear her moods and the prescience that underlies them is the worst thing she can do. She should attempt to treat her sensitivity as a gift and use it in the service of people and causes close to her.

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