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I am a therapist who has spent a decade helping women in a variety of ways: as founder and president of the Life Crisis Counseling Clinic and of the Flexible Careers Counseling Center, both in Chicago, and both concerned with helping people in the areas of relationships, sexuality, and health; as a sexologist currently studying for a Ph.D. in human sexuality; and as a teacher who has taught people around the world about love and intimacy, self-esteem, assertiveness, awareness, sexuality, and how to use anger and power constructively. I am also a professional astrologer who has studied various astrological approaches, Jungian dream analysis, numerology, palmistry, handwriting analysis, and Tarot cards, all for the purpose of helping my clients and satisfying my own curiosity. I am senior editor of Forum, the International Journal of Human Relations. In this capacity, I receive over fifty thousand letters a year from readers who wish to share their personal lives. I was born in Hungary on April 13, 1944, and was educated abroad and in the United States. I'm a graduate of the University of Chicago, and the mother of two children, a girl and a boy.

Shortly after establishing the Life Crisis Counseling Clinic, I received a phone call from a psychiatrist. He wanted to refer a suicidal patient to me for a psycho-astrological consultation. I accepted the client, but with serious misgivings. After all, it was a grave responsibility, and I would only get one crack. I'll have to do better than my best, I told myself.

Usually I hold a dialogue with my clients, and each session takes an hour to an hour and a half. Each psycho-astrology client receives a tape of our session and is free to call back at any time. So far, I have never received a single call to tell me I had given the wrong advice, but I have had many telling me the session helped.

This woman came to the session pale, withdrawn, and depressed. Her session took just forty minutes because she was very quiet. To say she said little would be an understatement. I plunged ahead, speaking as clearly and positively as I could, trying to convince her of the conclusion I'd reached by studying her chart: that her crisis period would come to an end within four months. I remember telling her that I felt it was a test of her strength and love of life. I remember describing my belief that crises are actually our greatest learning times, springboards to evolution and happiness if we cope well.

I repeated that I felt her crisis specifically tested her courage. She had somehow, with the help of her subconscious, set herself the task of living without a family or a man to lean oh. Mentally, she believed she was independent, but her emotions were resisting. Fear of the future and self-pity were all she seemed to feel.

I remembe^ cautioning her not to expect that the world would help her out, but I stressed that in just four months, if she persisted, there would probably be a great opportunity for a new job and a romance. I told her, too, that nothing was likely to happen if she hid in her room; though the coming opportunities were indicated in her chart, she had the free will to accept or deny them.

Very gently I tried to get her to accept the fact that we are really in charge of our own lives. If we accept the existence and importance of our subconscious, if we listen to our dreams and inner voices, we'll find a hidden purpose in just about everything that happens to us. There are no coincidences, in my opinion, and her fears and depressions had come to teach her something important; they would pass.

I could not tell if she really listened or if the taped reading would help her. Usually my clients leave me feeling high. The point of my readings has always been to shed new light and bring fresh awareness into a person's life—past, present, and future. Greater self-knowledge eventually produces greater harmony and better relationships.

I do not "predict the future." I predict probable patterns of human behavior. I predict the probable effects of current planetary cycles on a person's life, at the same time stressing free choice and individual responsibility. I engage my clients in a dialogue, reviewing the best possible choices open to them.

In my consultations, as in this book, my aim is to help the client sort out what is best for her. In the above instance staying home might have denied this woman her opportunity. It would have been unproductive behavior, and I pointed this out. I finished the consultation, as I always do, with a practical, tailor-made "how to cope" segment, which is always well received. When this particular client left, however, I was very concerned. For all I knew, she might kill herself the same day. Yet my intuition told me to remain optimistic; I would hear from her again.

About six months later, I began to receive requests for psycho-astrological consultations from a group of women who seemed to know one another. I finally figured out that the initial contact had come from my depressed lady. Apparendy she was alive.

Almost a year later, she called me back. I have never forgotten the conversation, which went something like this: "Hi, do you remember me? I came to see you about a year ago. I was awfully depressed." I told her I not only remembered her but had thought of her often, hoping that the job and romance had come through and had given her the boost to start living again. She then continued:

Everything you said on the tape has come true. When the time came, I forced myself to go out and be in places where I could meet people. I was very skeptical that what you told me would really happen, but when I got a new job offer out of the blue, I decided I might as well go all the way and try the romance department.

Believe it or not, I met a man I am living with now. It's a good relationship, my job is fine, and I am a new person. I want to thank you, and I want you to know that I carry the tape of that session with me in my purse. I've also told many people about you.

I thanked her for letting me know, and I leaned back and closed my eyes. This was clear confirmation of my method. Psycho-astrology, combined with my knowledge of therapy and sexuality, has been helpful even in the hardest cases, even in just one session. Since then, there have been hundreds of instances where the technique has given more meaning and hope to people's lives.

Let me state my position succinctly. Planets do not rule destiny. People rule their own destinies, and they do so most effectively when cognizant of a universal rhythm.

Through years of experience, I learned to refine psycho-astrology into a unique tool for self-development. Its validity as I use it has been proven to me over and over again. The women in my sessions relaxed quickly when they heard that others with similar charts had also had problems and had overcome them. They learned some new things; they made important choices. They gained more faith in the order of things. They came away more prepared for their own roles, actions, and reactions, and for the events that might befall them. Many began to develop a belief system that relieved prolonged agonizing and helped them to gain detachment from the pettiness of their all-too-human egos.

In the course of our sessions, we concluded that life is not the meaningless, chaotic thing it may seem when one is confused, angry, or depressed. Anger and depression can be confronted, and what's more, there are ways to build on the knowledge gleaned from such episodes. Life can be seen as a constant challenge and a gift. And life may be one step on a ladder of reincarnation, each step with a purpose of its own, each containing a lesson in love and in relating, each accompanied by struggle. Albert Einstein once said, "God does not play with dice." It seems he had the same idea of the regularity, purpose, and order of the universe, and of our lives in it.

Perhaps the most important thing to come out of my consultations has been my clients' perception of the value of change. Most people who came to see me were suffering from aftershock or future shock: a bad love affair, illness, loss, fears of going out, getting a job, having a baby, moving to another city, getting married, getting divorced. Change was always the ogre, or so it seemed.

What underlies most fear of change is ignorance and lack of self-trust. Recognizing this, I shared with my clients some of my own fears and how I had overcome them. I suggested they make a "Risk List" to learn how often they had already taken risks— and succeeded. The Risk List became one of the most popular exercises (see "Taurus Relationships").

It is my belief that change is natural and, in the long run, probably beneficial. How we cope with change determines much of the quality of our lives. I asked those who came to see me to tell me what they feared the most, and it usually turned out to be something they could live with.

Self-esteem was another major stumbling block. I gave clients a reading list and suggestions on growth seminars. I advised them how to improve their self-images and body language. I gave clients material and practice exercises on communications skills, including sexual communication. I bolstered their confidence by pointing out all the richness and good qualities inherent in their chart, reminding them of the wisdom they had already accumulated simply by living. I was able to help most of them to at least recognize, if not choose immediately, the road that would lead them to give up their most binding fears.

I did all this with the help of psycho-astrology. Just about everything I taught and everything I learned from my clients in a decade of therapy is in this book. Let me tell the reader about Sex Signs. It is a psycho-astrology guide to female potential, health, and happiness, and it explores areas beyond the scope of other astrology books. It deals specifically with women, delving into the hidden world of female psychology, sexuality, anger, fear, guilt, power struggles, and changing needs. It teaches the reader how to find love. Love consists not in finding the right person but in becoming the right person. Sex Signs rejects predetermination or predestination as well as the strict use of sun signs.

Sex Signs is a breakthrough book, a dramatic, unique marriage of astrology, psychology, and female sexuality. It goes directly to the point most relevant to today's woman: how she can develop awareness of herself, become attuned to the universal planetary rhythms that affect her, and obtain a key to her own love and power. The only things not included in Sex Signs are individual forecasts. Each person has her or his own unique chart, but such analyses are not within the scope of this book.

Instead, I have devised a way to blend and compress that kind of personal information into psycho-astrological female portraits. You will find in this book thirteen different types of women, twelve corresponding to the signs of the Zodiac, plus one more, the Cosmic Woman—the lady who really has it all together. The reader can first read the chapter that describes her sun sign. Or she can read the checklist of thirty-five personality traits that appears at the beginning of each chapter and choose the one that best describes her, regardless of whether it matches her sign.

Almost every astrology book these days is based solely on sun signs. At parties, one often hears, "Hi, what sign are you? I'm a Leo." But over the years many women have come to me saying, "I've read the description of Leo, Virgo, Libra, etc., and it doesn't fit. What's urrong with me?' My response is an emphatic "Nothing." Sun sign descriptions seldom work. They are too simplistic and general to provide important information or real insight. They also offer no way out of the rut of a supposedly permanent character.

The main reason I have based Sex Signs on blended astrological portraits and not on sun signs (or moon signs or any other specific planetary influence) is that I feel a woman must be liberated from the view that her sun sign is her character cast in stone!

A Gemini reader may identify most with the description of the Aries Woman. Should she discard the information, scratch her head in confusion, or put herself down for being a "bad" Gemini? I say the variable choice of who she is and will be is hers. I want no woman to be bound by the inflexible, stereotypical thinking promulgated by sun sign enthusiasts.

The reader need not know astrology to learn from this book. Her role model may be the Aries Woman, the Gemini Woman, or the Pisces Woman, regardless of her sun sign, as she herself decides. And, as explained later in this chapter (see "Phases"), she may find that she is going through a phase accurately described by one chapter, whereas a few years back, she was quite a different woman. Her old self may be portrayed in another chapter.

What Exactly Is Psycho-astrology ?

Astrology is an ancient method of studying changing patterns and cycles. Its boundaries overlap a vast system of metaphysics. Psycho-astrology blends the ancient wisdom of astrology and the modern expertise of psychology, and I believe it is a dynamic, productive way to study and comprehend human nature. It is food for the curious mind, an aid to knowing oneself and understanding how one relates to others, a superb guide to cycles, to treasures buried within, and to coping with the network of energies that constantly surround and influence us.

I use psycho-astrology as a creative way to tune in and communicate with people. It helps me to channel my intuition, to structure and integrate what I have observed, experienced, learned, felt; and it translates astrological language into a modern idiom. Psycho-astrology has also been a personal bridge for me. It has allowed me to expand from humanistic, academic psychology into the psychic frontiers of a new type of astrology. It has forced me to use, to verify, and finally to trust my intuition as much as my logical mind.

In Sex Signs, I use psycho-astrology as a barometer of the flowing, flexible cycles of a woman's growth. With it, I try to promote her recognition of the responsibilities she bears for her own fulfillment, in relation both to herself and to others. In all, I hope to communicate to the reader my accumulated experience with the disciplines I use as a therapist and in my own life.

Who Is Psycho-astrology For?

Sex Signs is for the woman who wants to familiarize herself with her psycho-social-sexual self, to recognize her inhibitions and reduce or eliminate them, to give and receive love and pleasure. She will find here invaluable insights into her personality. She will receive advice, inspiration, information, leadership, encouragement, support, and a catalyst for growth.

If the key to life is love, the key to romance and marriage is sexual communication. Human sexuality is a critical component of romantic love. We express our sexuality in ways we were taught by our parents, our peers, and society. We think of it, for example, as primarily a genital interaction. In actuality, nearly every instance of social intercourse involves a sexual response.

Sexual energy is inherendy a natural and healthy force. It is the joy of being alive, the drive to connect, to communicate with feeling and to live with meaning. All of us have the capacity to experience pleasure, to adapt to change, and to feel comfortable as we become intimate with others. If we are in total harmony with our free-flowing sexual energy, we are able to live with self-respect, love, freedom, and creativity. We can take the risks necessary to effect change, and we are capable of appreciating the responsibilities of deep intimacy as well as of worldly success.

defining our needs, giving and accepting love, developing our sexual potential, making relationships work, using our anger constructively, attaining goals,

.. . then this book will, I hope, be a valuable aid to fashioning a fulfilling lifestyle.

The Thirteen Sisters of Sex Signs

This book is based on thirteen psycho-astrological portraits of women. The different types are described, beginning with the Aries Woman, ending with the Cosmic Woman, and including every astrological sign in between.

There are twelve signs in the Zodiac, and I have used their symbolism. I've added one more, not because I think a planet beyond Pluto is about to be discovered and added to the Zodiac's planetary collection (though that too will happen), but because I believe women today are looking for role models. The thirteenth chapter describes the ultimate woman, the one who is so spiritually, sexually, mentally, and emotionally independent that she has become totally, securely interdependent. If that seems like a paradox, I refer you to chapter thirteen.

Each woman is a blend of different influences, including her genes, her background, and the input of parents, teachers, friends, lovers, children, society at large, and also the media. In addition, she has her own vision of herself, but it is seldom realized. Here, too, the thirteenth chapter might help.

An individual chart contains at least fifteen different factors an astrologer works with, such as sun sign, moon sign, ascendant, midheaven, elements, qualities, planetary aspects, Arabic points, and midpoints, to mention a few. But since this is not a technical book, there will be no discussion of which planets other than the ruling planet influence each female portrait. Here only the results count, and I leave the explanation of the process of arriving at them for a later date. I am very sure that each reader will find an accurate description of her innermost self in Sex Signs.

The woman who reads Sex Signs need know nothing about astrology to benefit a great deal. Nor does she have to know her own chart in order to understand and learn.

How to Use This Book

Each of the thirteen chapters is preceded by a Checklist of Traits. This list contains thirty-five characteristics that describe each type of woman. Since most women know their sun signs, I advise the reader to turn to the chapter on her sign and go over the checklist. If she has thirty or more of the traits listed, this chapter probably describes her accurately. She should read it first.

If the reader feels that the sun sign checklist does not describe her, she is advised to go through the other checklists. She will find one that does, and she should start at this point, regardless of her sign.

A woman should not be alarmed if she finds herself described at various points in other chapters. There are universal links, as well as universal problems, shared by many types of women. That's what sisterhood is all about. Finding herself in more than one chapter should only solidify her feeling that she is not alone. And if she can benefit from the advice in several different chapters, more power to her! To quote famous astrologer Alan Leo, "Each part of a whole reflects the whole within itself. Thus, each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac reflects the whole Zodiac within itself."


The woman who finds that one chapter describes her as she was five years ago and another fits her current self is on the right track. For the book is designed to show the developmental richness of a woman's life. It helps her to see where she is coming from and points the way ahead.

A woman reader in her twenties, for example, may have a Scorpio sun sign, but she may identify right now with the chapter on the Aries Woman. This need not confuse her. I believe it simply means that she is more an Aries than a Scorpio or that she is undergoing an Aries phase in her life. This phase may, in time, give way to another. By reading Sex Signs, this woman will gain valuable insight about herself now and about the direction she can take next.

Another example of a woman in flux is a reader in her forties with a Capricorn sun sign. The Capricorn chapter may describe her to a tee when in fact she is unhappy with her life and wants to change it. She will find in this book the insight and practical advice she needs to analyze not only herself but also the sister she may want to emulate. She may, for example, wish to be more like a fiery Leo. She need only read the chapter on the Leo Woman to see whether her fantasy is worth pursuing and how this might be done.

Still another reader may review her life and conclude that she has gone through many phases and is comfortably settled in her present lifestyle. In this case, Sex Signs will give her a big pat on the back.

Today's woman is a complex person living in a complex era. She is often confused about her needs. She is under great pressure to become a person in her own right but may find it difficult to break away from her early conditioning and her dependence on a man. Her perceptions and status are in flux, and society has done little to prepare her to live in the post-contraceptive, pre-equality world of future shock.

I believe that my phase-by-phase approach is extremely important, because the modern woman can no longer be described by old stereotypes, nor can she be taken for granted. She is wife, mother, partner, daughter, lover, friend, professional. She is also whore, saint, angel, devil, muse, Amazon. What has to be remembered is that women (and men) are in a constant process of change. Today's woman has more choices than ever. She is changing rapidly and experiencing more stress. This book takes that factor into consideration.

Why Not Sun Signs ?

In my view, a woman who says her sun sign description does not fit should have the option to consider herself another astrological type and be supported in her view. She should also feel free to break away from other potentially harmful stereotypes. As I have stated before, I feel a woman must be liberated from the sense that her sun sign is her character cast in stone.

There are other reasons why I am not basing Sex Signs on sun signs. A sun sign description, while a valuable way for the beginner to relate to astrology, is far too simplistic. It is convenient because most people know their sun sign, but it is only one of many factors that go into the making of a chart. The holistic astrologer casts and interprets a chart based on at least the following "symbols": ten planets (though we call them stars), the ascendant and mid-heaven axis, and the moon's nodes. Pro gressed charts and transits are also integrated with the natal chart to provide a complete understanding of the person at a given time.

I also find technical problems with sun sign astrology. First, people born on overlapping dates, called the "cusp," do not usually know which sign they are. For a woman who was born on the exact cusp of, say, Aquarius/Pisces to determine whether she is an Aquarius or a Pisces (sun sign), she must know her exact time of birth and have a chart cast for that time. The sun moves into a sign at different times each year, and sometimes even the cusp date might change by a day.

If she does not know her time of birth, the astrologer must use a complicated process called rectification to determine what the time must have been. Rectification is a technique of working backward in time, using dates of major importance to the client in order to arrive at the correct moment of birth. Unfortunately, there are many rectification methods, and two astrologers using different methods can easily arrive at different birth times, and thus different charts, for the same person.

Another problem is historical. There is a group of astrologers called siderealists who use a Zodiac based on constellations. But the constellations we call Aries, Taurus, etc., are not where they were in ancient times. The sidereal Zodiac is different from the tropical one used in most astrology textbooks. The tropical Zodiac is based on the earth's seasons.

The tropical Zodiac takes the position of the sun at the vernal equinox (when day and night are of equal length in spring) as zero degrees of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. The signs are then assigned thirty degrees each, with the twelve signs composing the total of 360 degrees. The division of each sign into thirty degrees appears arbitrary, but most Eastern astrologers use the tropical Zodiac because the fact is that it works.

The horoscope is divided into twelve houses. Some astrologers use the equal house method, in which each house has exactly thirty degrees. The rising sign or ascendant of the person determines the "start" of the horoscope, on the left-hand side. The ascendant is determined by the time of birth; its sign (Aries through Pisces) corresponds to the constellation that rose on the eastern horizon at the person's time of birth. Other astrologers use varying house methods. Most Western horoscopes are now cast with the Koch or Placidus method, both of which divide the horoscope into unequal segments. Thus, one house might have fifty degrees while another has only twenty-five.

Psycho-astrology relies to a degree on classical astrology and some of its interpretations. However, it supports the modern astrological view that the total study of the person should be based on the total chart, on intuition, on a knowledge of psychology and human sexuality, and on growth cycles. It departs from classical astrology in holding that negativity is mosdy in the mind of the person, not in outside forces. Though an event may occur, it is the person's reaction to and interpretation and perception of the event that will determine the outcome, not some cosmic overseer.

Summing up, I am against using sun sign astrology because it is all too often a confining influence that many women interpret as reflecting badly on them. I do not wish to burden any woman with a negative view of herself. Most women already suffer from low self-esteem and are much too susceptible to restrictive outside authorities as definitive of their own worth. I feel that psycho-astrology counteracts these tendencies and is a liberating, not a confining, influence.

Why I Wrote Sex Signs

No woman need subscribe to my personal philosophy to get a great deal of help from Sex Signs. However, I think it is important for me to communicate what I believe, for it puts things in a clearer perspective. In this book, I rely on my training as a professional counselor, psycho-astrologer, teacher, and student of human nature and social and sexual behavior. I also draw on my experience as a mother, wife, daughter, lover, confidante, and professional working woman. I bring to bear my education, observation, experience, character, and intuition.

I believe we have not yet seen the tip of the human psychic iceberg. We harbor infinite spaces of unconscious knowledge, genetic memory, reincarnational knowledge.

I believe we operate on two primary levels: the level of the higher self, our beacon, and the level of the lower self, our personality. The higher self is wiser and less hungup. The personality is earthbound and has the usual problems we all face. The higher self is the storehouse, synthesizer, and guiding light of our many lives and personalities. It decides, within certain universal laws we have not yet deciphered, what experiences it needs in its next lifetime on earth. Though the beacon's purpose is always to evolve into a more positive, loving, and complete being, the personality usually runs into conflicts.

I am an optimist and believe we are all on a path of evolution that we want to make positive. We don't always succeed, and as a result, we sometimes slide backward. It is nevertheless the central task of life to choose among our options and design the right kinds of experiences to accomplish our present tasks and evolve toward the Cosmic Woman.

The experiences we need, no matter how difficult, are those that will move us along our path. Sometimes we slip; sometimes we fly. Personally, I think it is the negative energy of guilt, fear, and repressed anger that keeps us from soaring. That's why it's important to be able to identify it and learn ways to eliminate it in ourselves.

Each person is a combination of many factors. We are in constant change and motion. I believe, as do many physicists, that once we understand the structure of the atom we will have the key that unlocks the secrets of the universe. I also believe that if we come to know and love ourselves and others, we will have the key to the purpose of life.

Love is the source of our power and creativity. Love is the basis of Sex Signs.

The Chapters

In every chapter, there is an analysis of psychological character, the changing cycles of human need, self-esteem, sexual character and needs, ability to cope with anger, choices of mates for love and marriage (at times completely different), the need and capacity for personal growth, and alternative lifestyles. In the psychological analysis there is advice on recognizing strengths and weaknesses, with suggestions for adjusting the latter. There are answers to such questions as: How can Aries learn to disclose emotional vulnerability? How can Gemini take advantage of her constant need for variety and stimulation? How can Scorpio best channel her immense power needs? How can Capricorn balance professional goals with a good home life?

Each type is strongly individual in value structure, need for security, and depend ence/autonomy demands. I map the evolutionary changes in these factors as a woman goes through the cycles of her life. For example, it is helpful for Aries to be aware of her slow emotional maturation, for Capricorn to know that her happiness will increase throughout her life, and for Pisces to anticipate a wandering eye later on. It helps women to know that they share certain problems and qualities with others.

Comments on self-esteem appear in each chapter, for this is the foundation of growth, intimacy, and love. Without loving oneself, one cannot love others. This book features advice on how to gauge one's self-esteem and how to increase it.

Just as each woman differs from the next in psychological makeup, each differs in sexual character. A woman who understands her own sexuality will be more comfortable with herself and her love partners. What are her sexual needs? How does she cope with guilt and experience pleasure? Sex is communication. It is one of our greatest pleasures. But for many of us the sexual experience is dulled because our culture educates us out of pleasurable sharing. We have learned to turn sex into the dumping ground in our relationships. Self-knowledge and new skills to build intimacy can help us turn that tendency around.

Anger and sex are closely aligned. The anger we cannot handle positively expresses itself in the damage it does to healthy sex. I discuss anger, its relationship to sexual behavior and communication for each type of woman, and I include individual ways to focus anger constructively. Uncontrolled anger can and does take many forms: power struggles with a partner, competitiveness, hostility, inability to reach orgasm, and lack of sexual desire, among other sexual problems. Each type of woman is advised how to express and release anger. The thirteenth chapter explains how to make anger work for her and harness it as an aid in her life partnerships.

For each type of woman there is a mate most suitable as marriage partner, father of her children, and, should she wish, provider. There are others who may be right for a pre-, post-, or extramarital relationship. I examine, for example, how Aries can meet her need for stability as well as for excitement, how Sagittarius can cope with wanderlust, how Aquarius may react to intimate friendships, how Pisces can overcome her tendency to clinging dependency.

Self-knowledge can illuminate options beyond the normal scope of romance, marriage, and divorce. Accordingly, I also discuss these options. The final segment of each chapter covers, for the first time in astrology, alternative lifestyles beyond monogamy. It discusses the needs of each human regarding personal growth and intimacy; it analyzes changing sexual needs and assesses the advisability of each lifestyle. For example, there are women committed to a lifetime of sexual and emotional exclusivity with another. I want also to acknowledge those women whose emotional and sexual needs are not met by traditional monogamy. Some need separate, different partners for romance and marriage. Others require experimentation, free from deadening guilt, with a number of romantic liaisons.

For women, Sex Signs contains valuable clues to self-knowledge, self-esteem, and the development of sexual and social potential. For men, Sex Signs offers insight into women and into their own femaleness. I hope and believe that all who wish to increase their capacity for love, sexual pleasure, health, and happiness will profit from this book.

Dates for Sun Signs












March 21/22 to April 20 April 21 to May 21 May 22 to June 21/22 June 22/23 to July 22/23 July 23/24 to August 23/24 August 24/25 to September 23 September 24 to October 23/24 October 24/25 to November 22/23 November 23/24 to December 21/22 December 22/23 to January 20/21 January 21/22 to February 18/19 February 19/20 to March 18/19

The above list of dates is used in traditional sun sign astrology to determine the sign under which one is born. Too often the image seems to be cast in stone and does not fit the evolving characteristics of a person at a particular time. There are many good reasons for this. Other factors besides the position of the sun may be exerting a strong influence upon a person's development. A strong ascendant, planetary aspects, cycle of the moon, or various combinations may overide the effect of the natal sun. A person may go into a phase that is more akin to another sun sign and proceed with that cycle until it reaches its natural conclusion. For example, a person born under Taurus may act like a Leo and assume many of the characteristics associated with that sign until the Leo phases is ended and the Taurus personality reemerges, modified to be sure by the lessons of Leo behavior. So it is with all of the signs; they are in a constant state of flux. It is very important to know just where one is in the process. To be aware is to know yourself. This is the aim of astrology and psychology—to increase awareness of the self.

The following chapters represent the thirteen composite archetypes that have been constructed of various elements—sun signs, moon signs, rising signs, planetary ruler-ships and aspects—to assist a person in locating the phase or combination of phases that they may be experiencing at a particular time. If thirty of the characteristics listed at the beginning of each of the chapters seems to fit your honest appraisal of yourself, chances are that some of your planets are touching the universal archetype of that constellation.

The Cosmic Woman represents a person that has mastered all of the lessons of the Zodiac and has experienced a complete evolution into a cosmic being. If she appears to be too good to be real, don't despair, for she does exist. Just keep an open mind and learn to flow with the changes that are constandy taking place in your life. Once you have attuned yourself to the stars, it is surprising how rapidly you evolve.

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