Introduction to revised edition

The original manuscript for this book was a parting gift from Judith Bennett to her friends and the many women she counseled in therapy. Judith died suddenly and tragically when the plane that was taking her on a prepublication publicity trip exploded over O'Hare Airport in 1980. A group of close friends and colleagues gathered to finish the editing of Judith's notes, and assembled the portions of the manuscript in need of completion.

Sex Signs was originally published in the United States in 1980. Since that time, it has been published in Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, and has been translated for publication in France, Spain, Holland, Italy, Japan, and many countries in Latin America. Its record sales in the United States over the past two decades have prompted this revised edition.

Sex Signs is a book that celebrates women's personal and sexual freedom. The world of intimate relationships has expanded dramatically since 1980, however, to include health and safety issues unimaginable at the time this book was first published. While supporting the spirit of freedom and choice in women's sexuality, this revised edition addresses the issues of intimacy women face today.

The power of Judith Bennett's Sex Signs lives on in its clarity, insight, and intelligence. We hope this revision will offer its readers an enhanced awareness of their power and freedom of choice as we enter the century to come.

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