Insensitive Arrogant

The Scorpio Woman is fascinating but not always easy and likeable. She can be a bitch who rides roughshod or a condescending amateur who pretends to know more than the specialists. When she is especially determined to probe, or when she is out for revenge, she can be hell on wheels. She does not even remotely resemble the "nice soft female." She neither uses traditional feminine wiles nor is in any way willing to be submissive. She goes straight for the jugular, and heaven help those who cross her path at such times.

When she wants her way, she is insensitive in that she cannot bring herself to see another's point of view. She is also remarkably able to detach herself from the feelings of those she may have hurt. This detachment makes her different from other water types, who are far more likely to end up emotionally protecting even their enemies.

The Scorpio Woman has no great need for approval, and this frees her to do her own thing. But she must learn to discriminate between pushing straight to her own selfish goals and embarking on a more valid search to accomplish goals important to her group and to humanity. She is best off using as talents both her insensitivity and her detachment.

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