Insecure Confident Regal

The Capricorn Woman is a fascinating maze, a veritable Daedalian labyrinth. Somewhere there is a point of access, but it takes patience and ingenuity to figure out the path.

She is confident that time is on her side, and rightly so. She counts on her own durability in reaching her goals. She knows she is strong and competent, and she expects to be recompensed sooner or later. She has a sense of destiny, and she is willing to work hard to fulfill it.

When it comes to the area of love per se, she is less secure. She subtly courts intimacy, yet she usually shies away from it. It may take a megadose of affectionate pursuit to catch her, even briefly. Larger than life, splendiferous, she is the rare pearl in the oyster. It will take more than a grain of sand to get through to her; it may take a sirocco!

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