Independent Cooperative

The Cosmic Woman likes to be independent. She wants to take care of herself, to be responsible for her own decisions, and to have a very private space when she needs it. She is self-sufficient by nature and seldom worries about the material concerns of life. She believes that these needs will always be taken care of and is willing to exert energy to see that they are. She is much more concerned that she not waste her energy and that her precious time be respected.

When she accepts kindnesses or favors from another, she is very careful to give in return. She does not like to owe anyone anything. However, when gifts are given from the heart, with no strings attached, she can very graciously accept. Her independence is very precious to her, and she protects it with pride.

At the opposite pole, she is very cooperative. She realizes that much progress will be accomplished by groups, and she is eager to participate. She insists however, that a clear goal be established and that egos be so submerged as to be almost indistinguishable. Otherwise there is litde chance of success, and even less chance for the active participation of the Cosmic Woman. She has learned her Scorpio phase well and has left behind the power trip as being unnecessary for the job at hand. Temporal power, too, pales in comparison to the power she feels inside—she does not need anyone else to build her ego.

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