Indecisive Ambivalent

In business the Libra Woman can make decisions with competence. In her personal life, however, she tends to shy away from decisions that involve emotional risk. She does not want to be held responsible for hurt and pain. In order to avoid adverse results, she evaluates the issues carefully. She often spends so long weighing each side that the decision is usually made by default or by the other person involved.

She usually operates with the best intentions; her motto is "Justice to all." She wants to give everyone a fair hearing, but in practice her grand ideal is often devitalized by her own lack of action.

To be an effective decision maker, the Libran must know what is really important to her. She must first clarify what she wants and then work to achieve her aims. She can actually go about this by making a list and then jotting down the pros and cons of each issue. Such an approach will enable her to see if a decision is necessary to safeguard her best interest. Next, she must proceed with the decision and stick to it. The only way to deal with indecision is practice—make a decision, and then act on it.

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