In Love with Love Devoted Gullible Easily Hurt

Pisces needs to be needed. She is in love with love in her own special way. Given to sudden enthusiasms, she is not a passionate drummer but a delicate harpist capable of devotion from afar.

She loves in every way: spiritually, religiously, platonically, sexually. Ideally, she is happiest when she can pour out all her feelings. In fact, she is a demanding perfectionist and remains compartmentalized in her attachments.

I know a Pisces lady who had one father-figure lover, a second lover who explored her own deep, sensual seas, and a third with whom she had a tense, fraught, emotional relationship. She juggled these three for over a year, pitting one against the other in her mind. None was her ideal, but for awhile she was able to satisfy her different needs separately. Finally, in one dramatic act, she withdrew altogether, with a deep sense of having been betrayed by each lover.

The Pisces Woman seems bent on picking partners and mates who disappoint her— not surprising, because she is a dreamy idealist in love. She often projects the image of perfect soulmate onto her lover, then experiences intense anger and frustration when he falls short.

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