Impulsive Intuitive Good Judgment

Impulse for the Sagittarius Woman arises out of her intuition. She often feels she knows immediately what to do when confronted with the need for a decision. In a flash of insight, she can get to the heart of the matter, though it is nearly impossible for her to describe her methodology. The Sagittarius Woman who is in touch with her intuition has unerringly good judgment.

She is happiest when she acts on her impulses. Whether buying a car, taking a trip, or visiting a relative, she waits for the spirit to move her. The rational side of Sagittarius can run interference here. Because she is unable to articulate the process, she may mistrust her lightning-quick realizations. This can cause her to talk herself out of the proper decision and into one that is as inappropriate as it could possibly be. Her opposite sign, Gemini, will operate off the top of her head, often mistaking intellect for intuition. The Sagittarius Woman, on the other hand, will use her intellect to rationalize her intuition out of existence. If you ever meet an "unlucky" Sagittarius Woman, this tendency is most likely working strongly in her life at the time.

Sagittarius intuition serves as a counterbalance to her more "masculine" intellectual capacities. She must learn to trust both modes of operation before they can function harmoniously in her life. She must also trust her intuition while screening it through her intellect to see if it is indeed sound.

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