Imaginative Dreamy

The Cancer Woman is apt to be born with a storybook in her head and an internal landscape that would challenge a Rubens or a Bosch to do it justice. As she appears to be contentedly gazing into the distance or into her partner's eyes, she may be picturing Arcadian shepherds cavorting at a picnic or a pair of passionate lovers engaged in Felliniesque foreplay.

She has a pornographic, erotic imagination and tends to daydream of heroic macho men, elegant S&M orgies, luxurious homes sporting Roman baths and pleasure rooms. She often acquires a refined taste for erotic art and may collect it. If asked to differentiate between an erotic art collection and a pornographic one, she would probably answer that though the former is expensive and valuable, the latter is a better deal and more fun.

She is impressionable, more a dreamer than a doer except in emergencies. When necessary, she can rise to the occasion in majestic style. She may behave like an absentminded queen lording it over her subjects, but when her children or other close ones are in trouble, she acts with the speed of a hare. She may prefer her daydreams and inner world to the outer one, but she can function very well indeed when she chooses.

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