Identifying and Expressing Anger

The Capricorn Woman must become fully aware of what she feels in every area, including anger. Is she angry? With whom? How much of her anger might be the result of her upbringing, her temperament, or problems in her current relationships or lifestyle? What old scripts are still alive in her head? Is the "good girl" or "class valedictorian" syndrome strong? What do they have to do with producing anger?

The main source of anger in the typical Capricorn Woman is a sense of powerless-ness. She usually defines it as a feeling of being ineffectual, especially on the job. The Capricorn Woman is so driven to achieve that her anger is often interwoven with her ambitions. Even if she does not work, she may be angry about ERA not passing or about the lack of good childcare for working mothers or perhaps about the small percentage of women in the professions.

As a woman, she is bound to encounter job discrimination. This will particularly fuel her anger, because Capricorn often derives much of her sense of self-esteem from aspiring toward and realizing professional goals. If she does not work for pay, she is almost surely striving for leadership in volunteer work, community causes, or the family.

Capricorn, there are a number of techniques that will help you come to terms with your anger. For a review of basic communication skills to help you cope with expressing anger, see "Libra Anger," page 200. For suggestions on how to identify your anger, see "Scorpio Anger," page 229.

Beyond that, you must specifically:

1. Realize that conflict is inevitable and anger is real and acceptable.

2. Know that anger is manageable and that it does not have to be ignored as an unworthy, irrational reaction.

3. Accept that continued resistance to acknowledging anger may create further problems.

4. Know that feelings of exclusion, jealousy, powerlessness, and injustice typically trigger anger for other women as well as for sensitive Capricorn.

5. Not give in to feelings of isolation and "poor-little-me-itis." There are others in the same boat.

The Capricorn Woman suffers from the following specific blocks to expressing her anger:

1. Vulnerability. Her ego is large and sensitive. She often does not want to show hurt by reacting with anger.

2. Fear. She is afraid of the other person's disapproval, rejection, or ridicule and of her own destructive powers.

3. Guilt about being angry.

4. Desire to please, to be perfect.

Acquiring communication skills and practicing meditation will help immensely in these areas. And her sex life need not suffer either, as long as she expresses constructively rather than represses her anger.

Ours is a patriarchal society. The Capricorn female has a strongly male side herself. A recent government research study found that patriarchal societies like ours repress sensory pleasure, physical touch, premarital sex. It indicated that the stronger the sexual repression in a culture is, the more warlike it becomes.

A similar phenomenon occurs on the personal level, where the relationship between anger and sexuality is reciprocal. Repressed sexuality increases anger. Increased ambition at the expense of sensory pleasures eventually creates problems in love. A woman who is deprived will become angry, and an angry woman may do some very self-destructive things. She may short-circuit her own pleasure, hurting others in the process, and hurdng her own love life.

Since lasting love is based not on the denial but on the expansion of good feelings and sharing, the Capricorn Woman must learn how to nourish her love. She must have the tools to keep the poison of anger out of her life and her bed.

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