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The Capricorn Woman adores practical jokes as long as they are played on others. She will gladly pair her brother's socks with glue, mix the gerbil's food with your dinner, and put stuffed mice on her grandmother's chair.

Humor is a lifesaver for her. She uses it to channel her hostility all her life. She is great at barbed one-liners and usually throws them at people who make her angry. She seldom "owns" her anger, but she almost always manages to get the message across, and release some resentment, through a joke. Of course, some of the jokes are suspiciously similar to put-downs, but that is for others to worry about.

The Capricorn Woman has the potential to be an excellent comedienne. She has a precise, well-developed sense of timing. She blossoms on stage or even in an enforced spotlight as she rarely does without an audience. She is fond of political satire, and her favorite cartoons are those with acid and "meat," i.e., pointed social commentary.

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