How the Sagittarius Woman Relates Lovers and Other Intimates

The Sagittarius Woman does not equivocate in her involvements, at least not initially, and never for long. When she sees someone she wants, she acknowledges her attraction by direct pursuit. She will charm, provoke, and titillate the object of her desire in a direct and refreshing manner. Though she is not a coquette, she rarely is so aggressive that she scares her man away. She frequently makes the first move, but the man who draws her will be virile and independent enough to be fascinated rather than threatened.

The man who says yes to the Sagittarius Woman opens the door to a rich and joyful time for both of them. She is generous and free in love, and he will find himself luxuriating in her gifts of charm, intelligence, exotic excitement, and sophistication while retaining his own feeling of freedom! She will become his feminine ideal, and as he falls more and more in love with her he will wonder how he ever lived without her.

Phase two is the beginning of the bumpy ride, for ironically enough, the very qualities that drew him to the Sagittarius Woman in the first place now seem to be driving them apart. The sense of independence he has been feeling all along was not some feminine wile. His independence is intact, and so is hers. The Sagittarius Woman loves completely, but she will not be pinned down. On Friday, his anticipation of a candlelight dinner will explode when he finds her note on the door: "Special match race at Belmont 5:30. Back by midnight. Quick bite at Samantha's?"

He will often wonder whether theirs is a romance or a friendship, and with good reason. The Sagittarius Woman easily combines the two, and her dual expectations may leave them both in a muddle. She believes in honesty and spontaneity, and she will not "play the game" of courtship and fair maidenhood with him.

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