How the Gemini Woman Relates Lovers and Other Intimates

Often the Gemini Woman's rather unrealistic approach to relationships isn't designed so much to fool those with whom she comes in contact as to serve as her own defense mechanism. She fears intimacy and reality and spends much of her energy in flight or fancy.

She is often surrounded by many people, which hides her deep-seated feelings of loneliness not only from others but from herself. In her frantic quest to gain omniscience about people and circumstances, she often fails to use others as a mirror to truly understand her actions. Her "out of sight, out of mind" attitude spills over into her relationships quite naturally. She concentrates on the things at hand and throws herself into the moment with seemingly complete abandon. The dishes can pile up in the sink, the laundry can form mountains on the floor of the bedroom; if there's something new and exciting at her disposal, little else matters.

She also has a tendency to idealize people, to inflate them completely beyond their normal proportions. When they fail to live up to her fantasies, she is disappointed. She must learn to be much more realistic about her relationships in this respect.

Her ego is fed when you tell her how much you enjoy her entertaining ways. She can go on for hours about her past experiences and travels, peppering it all with humor. She needs this sort of communication and spends a great deal of time polishing her personal style.

She'll also be over to help you paint the living room and lay the new carpeting. It helps if it's a small room, since her threshold for boredom is so low. She may get the ceiling and two walls done and discover she has to run off to ready herself for a party.

She loves people who can finish her sentences in their minds. Too many words bog her down; she hasn't a lot of patience when it comes to explaining the significance of some gossip. New experiences, new knowledge, and new gossip don't threaten her. If she stumbles across a foreign word she can't pronounce or understand, you can be sure she'll gloss it over with her personal interpretation. The next time, however, she'll know the traditional meanings, pronunciations, and origins.

Her denial of reality carries over into relationships as well. She can be furious with a friend one day, and the next totally deny that anything was ever amiss between them. She doesn't like to recall unpleasantness and will go to great lengths to avoid having someone tell her about her often unsavory behavior.

Bigamy is more acceptable to a Gemini Woman than divorce. She needs stimulation from many different directions at once, and she is often in a love relationship with a one-dimensional man. If he doesn't provide physical stimulation, she can survive; if he doesn't provide mental stimulation, forget it! She likes to make her men jealous to reinforce her feelings of being loved and wanted.

She will drive an earth-sign type of man crazy with her flitting, flirting, and changeable moods. She wants her man to follow her but can be terribly annoyed if he stays too close. She likes her freedom and at the same time finds it a personal challenge when a man tries to take any of it away from her. She is a bundle of contradictions, and this can work magic on a man who likes freshness, lightness, and change. It can be a bad dream for a man who is overly protective of his woman, who is jealous by nature, and who likes plenty of attention himself. Gemini will know what her lovers like and will spend half her time trying to please them, the other half tormenting them.

The Gemini Woman generally has the lazy-mother approach to child-rearing. She likes children and wants to have them around. Unlike many women, she isn't at all dismayed to learn that she is pregnant; after all, it's really another adventure, another experience that will certainly enrich her life in one way or another. I sense that succeeding pregnancies won't be as thrilling for her, for giving birth does require a certain amount of staying still and establishing roots.

She won't be as overprotective of her children as her Taurus and Cancer sisters. She will generally allow them all the freedom they require, and her constant movement will often stimulate them to explore and grow. She does expect her children to excel at something as soon as they master mobility.

During her thirties and forties, the Gemini Woman may become more honest with herself and begin to form a close circle of good and permanent friends. She may also acquire a career that teaches her some discipline and provides her with a goal towards which to work. Once she sets her mind to it, she has great potential for career success.

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