How the Cosmic Woman Relates Lovers and Other Intimates

The Cosmic Woman treats her friends and lovers with respect and courtesy. She is caring and loving and giving but realizes that she too needs to be cared for and to receive love. She never divulges all but keeps an aura of mysteiy about her. She wants to keep her relationships exciting.

The Cosmic Woman listens very carefully to what her intimates are saying. She does not project on them what she wants to hear but studies each response for its expressed and unexpressed meanings. Her basic honesty carries over into all her relationships. She is candid; she is discreet; she respects the rights and character of her friends. She is reliable and sure.

The Cosmic Woman keeps in touch. She jots notes, writes love letters, senses the right time to make a telephone call. She uses all her intuition to anticipate the needs of her loved ones and to communicate with them, if only to reaffirm that she is thinking of them. She really cares, and they know it.

The Cosmic Woman has a great deal of respect for sex. She does not use it as a bargaining tool. It is not a commodity to be bought and sold. She keeps herself as attractive as possible, not to titillate the senses, but to express her inner self. She takes care of her body. She purges her mind of unnecessary clutter. She fulfills her obligations. It is little wonder that people come to rely on her and love her for her caring and compassion.

The Cosmic Woman keeps love at the center of any relationship. She strives to be understanding and sensitive to the needs of her intimates. She has totally integrated her life and has created a healthy balance of all four elements: she acts with inspiration (Fire); she feels and shares (Water); she is physical (Earth); and she commu nicates and cooperates (Air). She draws on these energies in her relationships and employs them to bring out the best in her loved ones. That she does all this with grace and true humility is a mark of her cosmic nature.

The following list enumerates ways the Cosmic Woman has discovered to keep her love relationships alive and vital:

1. Don't push your lover to tell you he loves you.

2. Become his friend and confidante.

3. Surround him with comforts, but do not become his servant.

4. Let him know you desire him.

5. Make him proud to be with you.

6. Retain your own identity and an independent life of your own.

7. Maintain your sense of humor.

8. Build your ego by affirming his strengths and accepting his weaknesses.

9. Be honest without being destructive.

10. Trust your man, but do not become dependent on him. ,

11. Do not expect him to read your mind; communicate your needs and expectations clearly.

12. Get to know his needs, and try to provide for them either directly or indirectly.

13. Make pleasure a mainstay of the relationship.

14. Avoid guilt trips and games.

15. Don't be trapped into generalized sex roles.

16. Be a tower of strength as well as a soft, loving bedmate.

17. Bring him into your circle of friends and family slowly.

18. Never ask for more than you can give or are willing to give.

19. Establish an atmosphere of trust and affection.

20. Expect your relationship to change and grow; give him and yourself plenty of space.

21. Share the good times with him, and let him know you're prepared to share the bad times as well.

22. Try to anticipate swings in your moods as well as in his.

23. Never take him for granted.

24. Learn to trust and play your hunches.

25. Except only one thing—the unexpected.

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