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The Cancer Woman can charm and magnedze people by offering to take care of them. She has a maternal yet seductive quality, a softened, persistent willfulness. She may resemble a spoiled child who promises to impart the unique gifts she has collected if only she is sufficiently loved.

The Cancer Woman tends to have many, mostly female acquaintances but few close friends. She can keep friends for a lifetime, for she is usually connected to those she loves by an intuitive link strong enough to counteract physical separations. She is also a good correspondent and loves to select and send cards for every occasion.

Her romantic life is a different and more complex story. She can find and keep a man; what is more difficult for her is to get rid of a man who is wrong for her or, alternatively, to maintain a sexual relationship after years of mothering.

The Cancer Woman is a prime candidate for early marriage because her sleepy tumble out of the nest often prompts her to seek instant shelter. If she marries without emotional maturity and sexual experience, she will have problems. She and her mate are bound to grow at a different pace and in different directions over the years. She often marries the wrong man early and finds this out too late; just as often, she clings tenaciously to her mistake, hoping against hope to avert defeat or, even worse, ridicule.

The Cancer Woman tends to be proud, stubborn, and emotionally self-protective. Paradoxically, she, who is so giving, is also very withholding. Her secret fears, doubts, and jealousy barely ruffle the surface, yet these hidden emotions color her relationships. She easily feels abandoned or hurt, and she tests intimates to verify their loyalty to her. Her natural self-protectiveness may in time become a shield that prevents access and outflow. To the rest of the world, the Cancer Woman usually manages to look like an Academy Award winner, but over the years she may dig herself into a fearful rut that only she and her mate suspect.

Cancer, I advise you to evaluate the following as honestly as you can: (1) Your true desires in your primary relationship. Do your needs and desires mesh? Is your life fulfilling? (2) Your level of confidence and security, your possessiveness. How honest are you in your relationships? You must recognize your Achilles heel if you are to be happy. Your tendency to possessiveness and passive manipulation arises mosdy out of usually monumental feelings of anxiety, fear, and distrust. In a word, the source of your problems is insecurity.

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