It is difficult to fault a person for honesty, but as we have seen, the Sagittarius Woman's candor can function both as a catalyst and as a stumbling block in all aspects of her life. She cannot pretend to be someone she is not. However, there are shades and-qualities of honesty that she needs to examine and understand, especially in light of how she uses them in her relationships. To her, the "white lie" is as abhorrent as the bold-faced one; she is an absolutist where honesty is concerned. I am not suggesting that she learn how to use either form of manipulation. But truth telling has many names, and she should learn their differences and effective uses.

The following adjectives, all of which apply to the Sagittarius Woman, are synonymous with honesty:

1. Sincere—free from deceit, hypocrisy, falseness; earnest and genuine.

2. Genuine—possessing character or quality; authentic; free from pretense, affectation, or hypocrisy.

3. Honorable—principled, upright, noble, high-minded.

4. Candid—outspoken, frank, open; without reservation, disguise, or subterfuge; straightforward.

5. Blunt—callous, insensitive; dull, numb.

There are obviously more and less effective ways for the Sagittarius Woman to be honest in dealing with her friends and lovers. Born under the sign of the Prophet and Teacher, she has a mission to provide instruction in truth; but she must first learn how to get the message through without alienating everyone around her.

Sagittarius, this simple exercise will help you become more expert in dealing with your own honesty:

1. Have an imaginative lover or a friend make up a list of questions eliciting your opinion on issues personal, political, and sexual, ranging from "Do I look good in yellow?" to "Can open marriage work?"

2. Make up different answers for each question—one sincere, one candid, one blunt, etc.—until you gain a sense of the different possibilities inherent in each response.

3. Evaluate the quality of each response as to its effectiveness in getting your message across.

4. Finally, have your friend or lover check over your responses. Their observations may surprise you! You can learn from their reactions what kind of emotional response you can expect from others.

When the Sagittarius Woman learns that there is freedom in honesty, her relationships will take on a new quality of trust. The ambivalence and storminess she often experiences in friendship or love point directly to her tunnel-vision pursuit of truth.

Honesty can be either an explosive stick of dynamite or a candle illuminating the world we all share. If we respect the flame of truth, no one need get burned in the process.

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