Highstrung Nervous

The Gemini Woman is as high-strung and nervous as a racehorse. Ever poised for the next occurrence, she has the air of a battle-ready warrior. She never knows when she must flee, but she is constantly ready for flight. By being constantly poised and expectant, she insures that very little gets past her. On the positive side, this tenseness gives her a great deal of optimism and that feeling of anticipation so important to anyone wishing to try new ventures. When she is in this mood, no negativity can daunt her.

The Gemini Woman will not make a decision without first polling all those involved. She does not like to be blamed for anything. She feels shattered when someone yells at her and will dissolve into the floor when harshly criticized.

Her lungs and nervous system are her weak points. She is prone to accidents involving the hands and arms. Often she trips and falls because she is racing ahead without looking where her feet are going. She needs to strive for self-control, calmness, and an awareness of her path.

Above all, she needs to channel her excess nervous energy into areas that will bring her happiness, which often eludes her. If she learns to direct and balance energy, she will be able to control her own experiences rather than so often becoming a victim of circumstances.

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