Highspirited Jovial

The Sagittarius Woman loves people, and in great quantities. Her address book is like a city directory and is always completely up to date. Like Gemini, her opposite sign, she loves to mix and mingle at parties. Group outings such as picnics, ballgames, and trips out into the country are even keener pleasures for her. She often finds enjoyment even in committee meetings since she measures her effective social standing and personal power by the sheer number of people she knows on a first-name basis.

Her sunshiny, jovial nature and her spirit of adventure will get the most grumble-some Cancerian to join in the fun. This type of gallivanting is so much what she loves, however, that she can fly off into a boisterousness that borders on the obnoxious. She may gallop headlong into an abrupt or unwitting remark and send that sensitive Crab packing. When the party is over and she finds herself alone with her balloon, crushed and dismayed in an empty arena, she will wonder what on earth went wrong.

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