Highly Sexed Vulnerable

The bane of the Capricorn Woman's existence is her constant fear of getting hurt. Perhaps it explains why she frequendy finds fault with her lovers. She may reason that as long as they fail to deliver the perfect goods, she is entitled to withhold her total love. When she lets the ice melt and the flames leap, she often becomes too vulnerable for comfort. It is then that her other side emerges. From behind the queen in control, a child peeks out, vulnerable, delightful, fragile.

The Capricorn Woman probably feels vulnerable because she is inexperienced in sharing, in emotional give-and-take. She cannot give halfway if she really cares; and so, to protect herself, she holds back until nearly sure of the other person. When the die is finally cast, she can be swept away by the intensity of her feelings, open and enthusiastic.

Sometimes she explodes with the intensity of a pent-up volcano. In bed, she may act like a puppy who has finally found enough space to run free. She is intensely responsive to a sensitive man who has emotional strength and resilience, enough intelligence to cuddle her, enough sexual experience to last.

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