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The Cancer Woman is full of delightful surprises. She is shy, but she is highly sexual. She is intuitive, but she is also strongly physical. These combinations are difficult for members of the opposite sex to resist. She is a desirable woman who may promise little verbally but still convey the feeling that she delivers a great deal. She may faithfully guard the home gates or climb the ladder of worldly success, but she is rarely, if ever, out of touch with a deep, almost primitive sensuality. Purple and indigo are often her favorite colors. Her sexual nature throbs with the full-blooded blue-red lust of desire.

She seems to burst with the promise of wondrous enfoldment and tortuous inner paths. She is sensuous in the most basic sense. Just watch Cancer go through a store full of clothes and accessories, and you will see her touch nearly everything as she walks by. She will touch silk, suede, and fur twice, not with the tips of her fingers, but with the full, open palm of her hand.

She is likely to seek sensation, and the visual is not enough. She is not as gifted with words as some others, for the physical seems to her more real, somehow more important. Sex, to the Cancer Woman, is something she lives and breathes. She telegraphs sex in the way she walks, smells, cooks, smiles; in the way she creates mysteries with her body and moods; in the way she dazzles company with her superlative hostessing and intuitive attentions. She can please any man in bed, as long as he is accessible to her, as long as he is sensitive, and ... as long as she finds him useful.

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