High Selfesteem with a Flaw

The Leo Woman may think she can tackle about any job on earth. She is usually a good administrator and a responsible chief; she also likes to counsel and advise people.

The Leo Woman's vocational self-esteem, especially in early adulthood, may be more solid than her self-reliance in personal affairs. Despite all she usually has going for her, she tends to suffer from insecurity of the sort common among women whose identity is strongly dependent on their status as a professional beauty or sex symbol.

As long as she feels loved, beautiful, or much sought-after, the young Leo Woman may feel fairly secure. If and when the attention fades and love disappoints, she may suffer an identity crisis—and this more than once. As she matures and understands that self-esteem comes more from a feeling of inner beauty than from adulation, she can change. She has the basic strength and stability to learn, survive, and love again.

The Leo Woman aims to manage. She is normally aware, deep down, that come what may she can charm, outwit, seduce, or slay any dragon barring her way. Leo, you must remember this: a woman who has a strong sense of herself, and likes herself, need not borrow her identity from any outsider, including her man.

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