The Sagittarius Woman is as gullible as she is trustworthy. She will accept what you tell her at face value and never look beneath the surface for hidden meanings or intent. Again, woe to the shy, repressed, or indirect! You may never make your message clear to the Sagittarius Woman, who, quite frankly, can't see why people hem and haw as they do.

Undeceiving as she is, Sagittarius is often far too easy to deceive, though her strong intuition and her sense of independence protect her from most overt kinds of manipulation. More dangerous is the kind of confusion and conflict that may beset her relationships if she lacks the fine tuning to discern the subde messages of her lovers and friends.

I worked with a Sagittarius woman who was involved in a particularly disjointed relationship with a Libra man. Her lover was unusually gentle and refined, with quiet manners and a delicate sensibility. Though their attraction was in most ways one of opposites, their shared love of culture and reportedly glorious sex life were a powerful bond. The problem lay in the fact that my friend couldn't take a hint (in fact, she needed little less than a point-blank statement) about any aspect of her conduct or their life together. Her man's approach was always veiled suggestion or broad hints, and she seemed to ignore his every remark and continue on her headstrong way. He began to express his irritation and resentment delicately; finally they both blew up. He decided that he couldn't bear her blind selfishness; she concluded that she couldn't stand his mealy-mouthed behavior; so they parted ways. To this day, she has no idea how something that had seemed so right ended so abruptiy.

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