Good Executive Hates Details and Shirks Routine Big Spender

The Leo Woman likes to manage people and projects and is good at it; she dislikes taking care of the details. She is usually clever at finding people to whom she can delegate details, and she works best when she has a staff trained to take care of minutiae.

In intimate relations, her tendency to delegate may be a problem. As a woman, she is still largely expected to be responsible for the maintenance of the household, with all its attendant drudgery. She may not mind planning a gala dinner, shopping for clothes for the family, or tending the home fires, but she is likely to resent having to budget leftovers and economize in general; and she may forget to order the wood for her heavenly fireplace.

She usually spends money easily, almost as if she expected it to replace itself. Some mates resent her attitude, often accusing her of thinking that money grows on trees. Her best bet is to make money herself and hire a maid. Another option is to live with or marry a man who will share household or family duties ungrudgingly.

Leo, a word of advice: never marry a stingy man. Even if you have no children, you are still apt to benefit from having a mate who is well organized in minor caretaking details, does not mind balancing the checkbook or dusting off the bookshelves, and does not get stomach cramps from your diet of riches.

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