General Traits and Background

The Sagittarius Woman pulses with life and sensuality. When the crowd parts at a cocktail party and you feel a breeze of clean, woodsy, animal energy, Sagittarius has entered. Idealist, philosopher, and lusty conquistador, Sagittarius pursues her desires with the spirit of the centaur.

She is a study in perpetual motion. She will travel at the drop of a hat. She cares little for the destination as long as it sounds exciting, intriguing, and out of the ordinary. Sameness bores her. She is constantly in the process of rearranging, be it her household furnishings or her life. She is seldom satisfied with the present; her ideals shine so brightly that she sometimes loses sight of her current reality as she pursues some personal cause.

The Sagittarius Woman monitors her actions very carefully, however, for she has a strong sense of propriety. She shops at all the right stores, reads the latest books, belongs to the right clubs—all to enhance her social status and sense of self-worth. Her nature is essentially conservative. She believes in saving everything from the nation's natural resources to string and old wrapping paper, but she does not want to be offensive in doing so.

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac, and it is Mutable Fire. Her mutability imparts a love of people and a versatile, adaptable quality to her relationships; the fire provides her intense energy and her progressive spirit.

Each astrological sign is said to be "ruled" by a planet and its vibrations. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, and the symbol of expansion and personal liberation. Historically, Jupiter has often been linked to the sun's brilliance and life-giving energies. Like Venus, Jupiter promises good fortune and material gifts, with the added attraction of long, exciting roads to explore.

The Sagittarius-woman is one who has the sun or other important planets in Sagittarius, planets in the ninth house (the natural house of Sagittarius), a Sagittarius ascendant, or a powerfully aspected Jupiter. Sagittarius types are also those who are temporarily going through a Sagittarius phase. In this case, the person need have no planets located in the sign of Sagittarius. The Sagittarius type is described by the checklist of traits at the beginning of this chapter. The Sagittarius phase has the following characteristics:

1. Reliance on intuitive insights that flash through the mind and are usually right.

2. A high degree of versatility, the need to have more than one major task in life. She may conduct two careers or relationships simultaneously.

3. A heightened sense of energy and optimism, or of restlessness and boredom.

4. Provocative behavior, often to the point of abusiveness, or an unwittingly blunt and tacdess manner with friends and lovers.

5. A deep desire for travel and exploration, whether geographic, sexual, or spiritual.

6. A sudden indifference to family ties in favor of dramatically different friends and lifestyle.

7. A deep interest in people, with many, many acquaintances but few friends.

The Sagittarius personality responds to the song "Don't Fence Me In." Where her relationships or her personal space is concerned, she becomes claustrophobic when in the corral. All fiery energy and purpose, the Sagittarius Woman pursues her goals with the clarity and vision of the archer.

But expansive Jupiter can dissipate her energies with the love of excessive food and drink, an inability to keep secrets, a brilliantly sarcastic wit, and even a violent temper, if she allows restlessness and boredom to overtake her. She may gallop into an extremely eccentric way of life.

The great Sagittarian determination can uproot these tendencies, however. She has the courage to perceive and transcend her own imbalance, and the strength to become a visionary her many friends and lovers will admire and follow. However, she will not allow others to place responsibility on her. She must choose to accept it herself.

A key word for Sagittarius is illumination. She seeks to know the truth that underlies the universe. Whether in music, art, or literature, she seeks to bring light where only shadows exist. Her optimism is legendary. She observes people very carefully to gain a better understanding of why they do what they do. She learns from experience and seeks to experience all things that will help her unravel the secrets of the universe.

Another key word is obedience. She respects power and obeys what she feels is right, especially what she has learned from authority figures. She follows the laws of the land, the pressures of her peers, and the cultural dictates of her heritage. She is very practical in her obedience to societal rules, for she knows that this is the path to respect, success, and security. Although she is independent and avant-garde in her thinking, she is often conventional in her behavior.

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