General Traits and Background

The Scorpio Woman is an eternally intriguing creature who, like the Sphinx, seems to know and guard the riddles of life and death. She either fascinates or frightens nearly every man. She is magnetic, lusty, and endowed with mysterious powers. She can devastate with a look or revitalize with the healing energy in her eyes and hands.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac, and it is Fixed Water. The fixed part gives her persistence, determination, and willfulness; the water gives her regeneradve powers, intuition, mysticism, compulsiveness, and some paranoia. Each astrological sign is said to be "ruled" by a planet and its vibrations. Since Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Pluto dominates the main themes in the life of the Scorpio Woman.

The Scorpio-«)^« woman is one who has the sun or other important planets in Scorpio, planets in the eighth house (the natural house of Scorpio); a Scorpio ascendant; or a powerfully aspected Pluto. Scorpio types are also those who are temporarily going through a Scorpio phase. In this case, the person need have no planets in the sign of Scorpio. The Scorpio type is described by the checklist of traits at the beginning of this chapter. The Scorpio phase has the following characteristics:

1. An obsession with power, and the use of sex to obtain it.

2. A major illness, or the death or major illness of an intimate, which deeply alters the person's awareness and lifestyle.

3. A transcendence to spiritual attunement (Gandhi comes to mind).

4. A transformation that results in a new self and lifestyle; symbolic death and rebirth in life.

Sometimes the Scorpio phase is characterized by destruction via fanatic sexual involvements, moneymaking, and manipulation of individuals or groups. Scorpio has had a bad press mostly because its potent energy has so often been used to gain personal power at the expense of others.

The Scorpio Woman lives on many levels, most of which are hidden to all but a few intimate, perceptive observers. You can identify her by her intensity, her will power, and her strong hypnotic aura. The Scorpio Woman enters the room quietiy but commands it immediately.

She is all woman, and very real. No man could ask for more than she offers. Frankly, quite a few men would be more comfortable with less. These are the men who do not find it easy to love a woman who exudes power and understands how to use it.

Power is the ability to cause or prevent change. The Scorpio Woman has it and wants it. She effects major changes in people and in all vibrations she encounters. She can also block influences that would create change. For example, she is almost immune to opinion makers and will rarely change her mind.

To understand Scorpio, one must be aware of her needs for both privacy and power. She wants to make an impact on the world, sometimes at great personal sacrifice. She also demands secrecy. The conflict comes when she realizes that leadership usually comes at the price of her privacy.

A key word for her is use. As well as her own talents and resources, she sometimes uses people to gain her ends. She craves understanding but seldom is understood. She wants emotional peace but lives on the edge of compulsive excess.

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