General Traits and Background

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, the Pisces Woman is full of magic and mischief. Her world is rich in emotional tornadoes; at her heel is a ubiquitous friend or suitor who remains blissfully unaware of her strength, resilience, and self-containment; ahead lies a path strewn with nearly insurmountable obstacles and unfathomable experiences; all around is a hostile world that nevertheless provides her periodic shelter and offers unexpected aid in rare forms. At the end of the journey is a never-never land visible only to those wearing the special emerald-green glasses with which every Pisces Woman is naturally endowed.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, Mutable Water. It is ruled by Neptune and is one of three water signs in the Zodiac. As the last of the twelve signs, it is a composite of characteristics culled from the other eleven. Receptive, ultra-feminine, and intuitive, Pisces has magnetic beauty and great psychic and spiritual powers that are often shrouded by her own chameleonlike defenses.

The Pisces-i^pe woman is one who has her sun or other important planets in Pisces, planets in the twelfth house, a Pisces ascendant, or strong aspects to Neptune. Pisces types may also include women who are now going through a Pisces phase. The checklist at this chapter's beginning describes the Pisces type. The Pisces phase has the following characteristics:

1. Confused, changeable emotions.

2. A tendency to withdraw into self-absorption, romantic dreams, or alcohol and drugs.

3. Repeated choice of disappointing or hurtful lovers.

4. An overpowering sense of obligation or self-sacrifice.

5. A new kind of spiritual understanding or awakening of faith.

6. A recognition of the joy of selfless service.

Two key words for Pisces are suffering and service. Neptune and the twelfth house rule the unconscious, and the Pisces Woman will always be at odds with herself until she confronts and accepts the tasks set for her in life. She will by turns flagellate herself with guilt and wallow in self-indulgence until she learns what giving really means. Her tendency is to rely on others for the answers, and they will always let her down.

The astrological glyph which represents Pisces shows two fish swimming in opposite directions. The unique task of the Pisces Woman is to choose the positive route and stick to it. Ideally, her destiny is to bring the vision of magical possibilities to others. Since a frequent Piscean tendency is to float and take the easy way down and out, Pisces women need support and education to use their tremendously fertile imagi nation and sensitivity productively. They need to learn how to grow up without becoming dependent.

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