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To understand the sexuality of the Gemini Woman, one must first understand the workings of her mind. This is no small task; it is as labyrinthine as the circuitry of a computer. It is so tied to her complex inner nature that it seems inseparable from the total fabric of her life. She is indeed very sexual, uniquely and mysteriously so.

There are various levels of understanding the complexity of the Gemini Woman. There are also infinite manifestations of the sign. There is probably more variety among Gemini Women than among any of the other signs.

The Gemini Woman carries with her the search for her other half, the twin part of her. In this search, she flits from lover to lover, husband to husband, in hopes of finding her elusive "perfect mate," the "someone" who can satisfy her strong inner needs for identity and wholeness.

For Gemini, sexual fulfillment comes only with mental satisfaction. The Gemini Woman is more interested in IQ than in genitals. She must be able to respect the intellect, or satisfaction is not possible for her.

She may have many, many affairs and never find her true love. Although her body may be brutalized and her sensitivities trampled underfoot, she retains a semblance of having never been touched. When, in desperation, she feels her search is almost hopeless, she looks in the most unlikely places, seeking men who even vaguely match the mental model. During this phase she may become quite promiscuous.

The Gemini Woman tends to be nervous, restless, and tuned to a very high pitch. The close bond between her sexuality and her intellect creates an almost neurotic sex drive. Her search for a lover also becomes a search for an intellectual companion, the lost half of herself. Little wonder that many men find it impossible to understand the Gemini Woman; she often misunderstands herself.

In spite of her constant chatter, the many people she draws to her, and her frequent, tragic love affairs, she spends most of her life feeling lonely. She seeks the one perfect mate, an intellectual and emotional counterpart to rescue her from her loneliness. She is trying to achieve the emotional release of her whole being, not just the stimulation of her sexual anatomy.

Gemini's search gives her an opportunity to develop numerous close friendships and have many acquaintances. It can take her on journeys for which she may lack the fortitude, but along the way she picks up much of the vast knowledge she keeps stored in her head. When and if she decides the search is indeed fruidess, she can relax and enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people, facing new adventures.

She is prone to withdraw into very private spaces that few other humans can enter. It is here that she contemplates separation from and loss of her cosmic lover. During such reveries she feels completely alone and unloved. She spends most of her life looking for what she has lost—a search that is doomed from the start. When she inevitably gives up the search, she seeks a replacement that can take the form of oblivion. She may attempt to destroy the sensitivities and longings that fill her soul, to become polished at self-destruction, for she yearns to return to the cosmos, where her lover waits.

In terms of sexual encounters, the Gemini Woman craves variety. She delights in being taken by surprise when she least expects it. Steal her away from a wedding reception and take her to the boathouse. She'll love it. She also likes to be waylaid on the run—on an airplane, in the back seat of a car, in the darkness of the tunnel of love. She takes pleasure where she finds it.

She is sensory as well as sensual. She likes to see what is going on (a well-placed mirror or two). She likes to hear the sounds of love, but don't be too explicit, for she is somewhat a prude at heart. She likes to have the lights left on because she doesn't want to miss anything. Her bedroom, often as sumptuous as that of her Taurus sister, will be erotic. Soft lights, romantic music, rich liqueurs—all help to set the stage for her tempestuous tumbles.

True to the duality of her nature, she is a mixture of opposites. She is open about her love life, and a constant amazement to her friends as she reveals the innermost details concerning her body and mind. She enjoys shocking, but at the same time, she craves respectability. Deep within her soul is an iconoclast who delights in knocking over idols and killing sacred cows. Often her exploits are verbally exaggerated, far surpassing reality.

She has a freedom-loving spirit, but her sex life is often inhibited. She hesitates to try some forms of sex because she thinks they are distasteful. The physical side of life often is hidden away, even though she enjoys "dirty" talk.

She has an intellectualized concept of sex. After she has snared her male prey, she will often tire of him or, even worse, be bored. She is not really enthusiastic about an abundance of sex or childbearing. Her interest in the erotic is largely verbal.

Fantasy is a very big part of sex for the Gemini Woman. The scenario she constructs in her imagination includes graphic details of the meeting, the chase, the seduction, and the dirty talk during sex. She is a master at this game, which is just as important to her as the real physical thing.

The idea of sex often motivates her more than the physical act itself; thus, she may appear to chase every man she meets. She isn't oversexed; she just feels compelled to sample as much variety as she can in her search for the perfect mate. In fact, it is a variety of sensations and experiences more often than deep feelings and permanent attachments that drives her to seek so many contacts.

The Gemini Woman is youth-oriented. She often has her most important love affair while she is still very young. This early imprint colors her future attitudes toward sex and love. Maturity and immaturity go hand in hand. All her life, the Gemini Woman retains a youthful quality that can be truly beautiful. She simply refuses to give in to the traditional idea of old age. She has an eternal air of the little girl lost. This makes her very appealing—what man doesn't want to rescue a little girl lost in the forest of life?

She often uses her vast knowledge to eliminate unwanted competition, bringing it to bear on a rival. She maintains a healthy "one jump ahead" attitude. Often the competition feels the impact of a hit but has literally no idea whence it came. The Gemini Woman can have an unintentional and unconscious cruel streak. If her search for a soulmate is frustrated and other factors contribute to her boredom, she can appear to have little if any affection, ethics, or morals. Her attitude towards sex can become selfish, cool, calculated.

She demands attention to feed her ego. She is not concerned with things that do not directly affect or touch her. She often has a need to be the center of everything, and her level of interest in a man is high only if he seems to revolve around her.

Sex with her can be explosive. However, unless it is attractively and effectively packaged and satisfies her seemingly neurotic needs, it will evaporate into the air like a warm breath on a winter day.

Two key words provide a better understanding of Gemini sexuality. One is excitement. Her ever-roving mind, constantly in motion, demands excitement and stimulation. If it is bored, she is bored. The straight missionary position for sex will bore her to tears; she craves the new and different.

The other key word is integration. Gemini unites sex with a number of her other strong needs, and if deeper, emotional needs axe not being satisfied, she is often sexually unfulfilled. If she can find inward reassurance that the man she is with will at least satisfy some of her emotional needs, then sex with him will be good, even terrific.

Many a Gemini Woman simply will not have sex with a man unless she feels that her sexual interest is tied to another interest, a deeper, more lasting, emotional one. Contrary to what many people assume, she is not into sex for its own sake. Pure physical joy, so important to her Taurus sister, is not important to the Gemini Woman. She wants more. When she puts her hand in his pocket, she wants more than to feel his genitals; she wants attention, security, companionship.

A Gemini acquaintance of mine has one of the most virile, attractive husbands in town. When her friends comment on his good looks and appealing aura, she is the first to admit that he's attractive; she also is the first to point out that there is more to him than his beautiful surface. She has even been known to wonder aloud why other women, and men, only seem to see the perfection of his body and face.

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