Gemini Personality

General Traits and Background

The Gemini Woman enlivens existence on this otherwise dull and predictable planet. Her fantastic imagination, graced with a lively wit and exhilarating charm, permeates her life, her speech, her attitudes, and her writings. Forever young, she can transmit this feeling to those around her. There is something highly refreshing about her personality.

She takes pride in her ability to entertain and excite men. She so enjoys the chase that she has somewhat of a reputation as a tease, for she doesn't expect to have sex with every man she excites. As volatile as air itself, she catalyzes the environment and the people around her. She is aware and sure of herself. Her antennae are constantiy scanning the room for any change of mood, any subtle nuance, or any stray male who may have entered. She wastes little time in finding her target, and if her fixed gaze does not capture him, she literally talks him into a corner.

Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac and is Mutable Air. The mutable part makes her changeable. Being always on the verge of changing into something else, the Gemini personality is hard to pin down. She is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of moods, roles, and even people. You can never really say you know a Gemini Woman; more often, the real question is which one of her many selves she is at the moment.

Air does not like to be bottled up; it seeks to escape. It is hard to confine; it wishes to be free. The air acts as a vehicle for sound. It connects people, thoughts, and places as it blows its verbal message back and forth. Thus, the Gemini Woman is a communicator and deals with messages of the intellect.

Each astrological sign is said to be "ruled" by a planet and its vibrations. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, messenger to the gods. Fleet-footed Mercury facilitates all communication. Learning, letter writing, reporting, newscasting, traveling, and gossiping all fall under the aegis of Mercury.

The Gemini-type woman is one who has the sun or other important planets in Gemini, planets in the third house (the natural house of Gemini), a Gemini ascendant, or a powerfully aspected Mercury. Gemini types are also those who are temporarily going through a Gemini phase. In this case, a woman need have no planets in the sign of Gemini. The Gemini type is described by the checklist of traits at the beginning of this chapter. The Gemini phase has the following characteristics:

1. Intense mental activity; inability to turn off the mind.

2. Finding very litde pleasure in sex; using it to attract, excite, and release nervous tension.

3. Total immersion in people, projects, and experiences, followed by boredom and disinterest.

4. A compulsion to communicate everything that is seen, heard, or felt.

5. Feelings of fragmentation; self-scattered emotions; multiple personalities seeking to find a wholeness.

6. Wanting to escape the responsibilities of tire world and of relationships.

The Gemini Woman seldom chooses violent ways to express her innermost frustrations. She is more apt to escape into the world of fantasy, where she can release her pent-up nervous energy. Soap operas, film magazines, true romances, and movies offer her a perfect outlet. She may be entranced with the idea of sex but will not actively pursue physical/sexual unions. She would rather experience sex vicariously on the silver screen, go home to her tidy house, and forget it.

The Gemini Woman has a twofold aspect, symbolized by Castor and Pollux, the twins. The sign is an enigma, with each twin aware of the other, each seeking to please the other, each loving the other, but both trying to escape from their own mirror image. Complex relationships, a complex love life, and a complex personality are traits of the Gemini Woman. Most everyone is aware that the surface image of the Gemini Woman is in constant change; but few understand her innermost feelings.

The Gemini Woman is often tall and slender. She carries herself with assurance. It is obvious that she is going where the action is. She can often be found sunning herself; she delights in the sun's rays and energy. She has very good proportions and keeps her shape well into middle age. She projects a youthful air.

She dresses well, for she realizes the importance of a good appearance. She is rather flashy and fond of show. Alert and alive to the moment, she does not reflect on her past actions—even an hour ago is almost an eternity away. She lives very much in the present, and usually for the present.

The Gemini Woman, all too aware of the complexities of her dual nature, seeks wholeness. She often seeks her other half in someone else. She needs to learn that the contrasting energies she carries within must be balanced before she can find true happiness outside herself.

Her mind can sometimes be her worst enemy. It is so hyperactive and powerful that if she does not have movement and response around her, she often tries to create it. To relieve boredom she incites those around her to fight. She then sits back and watches the fireworks. When her manipulations are discovered, she keeps very few friends.

A key word for her is involvement. The Gemini Woman is curious about everything. There is nothing she will not try. No dare or challenge goes past her. She would become involved at Land's End, if by nothing more than talking to the goats. She is not happy unless burning the candle at both ends. If she has a space where nothing is happening, verbal exchange is absent, or activities cease, she feels that her life is a failure.

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