Gemini Opportunist

The Gemini Woman is a creature of the moment. She is so aware of change and its critical nature that she will grab an opportunity the instant it appears. She always sees at least two different ways to go and delights in making the proper choice—that is, the choice she feels is in her best interest.

She operates more by circumstance than by fixed principle. She has litde regard for consistency or consequences. She is more interested in how a particular situation affects her and how she can turn it to her own advantage. Her view of the world is highly relative; she's the center around which it revolves. She does not question the ethics or morality of an event too closely lest it not be to her benefit.

If need be, she is apt to be dishonest to obtain her ends. For her, little white lies and minor infractions of the law are necessary adjustments to a rigid and unbending world. She has rationalizations to fit every peccadillo. She can fool herself and everyone around her. Her fall often occurs when she is not quite as clever as she thinks she is and meets people who can see through her games.

On the positive side, she has an uncanny ability to predict public fads and infatuations and can often capitalize on the opportunities she perceives. She has a shrewd eye for what the general consumer wants and knows how to package it. When opportunity knocks, she feels compelled to answer with action.

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