Fulfilled Actualized

The Cosmic Woman is happy and satisfied with her life. Her mind is liberated, for she is true to it. Her tears are genuine, her laughter comes from her heart, and her anger is bona fide. All her emotions seem to come from the depths of her soul. She is so in touch with her feelings that she expresses them with a force that approaches art. She is equally in touch with her mind. Thoughts become magic carpets that carry her to success and fulfillment. She can go wherever she imagines, and the force of her emotions propels her thoughts with lightning speed.

Peace and tranquility surround the Cosmic Woman. She has become so accepting of other people and of the world in which she operates that her presence can be felt. She projects such understanding of the world and the cosmos that she seems to know all the secrets, and she does. Though she lives life quietly and often walks softly, she nevertheless lives it to the fullest extent, with flair and style. She desires very litde, for she has everything. She has been successful in joining heaven and earth. She is whole.

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